B1B1 Vaccine Price Philippines

There are many issues when it comes to the poultry industry in the Philippines, especially chicken farming.

Chicken is in high demand, yet diseases such as Newcastle bronchitis are attacking.

B1B1 vaccine price in the Philippines is affordable for this reason to prevent the loss of poultry farming in the country.

Giving the B1B1 vaccine to chickens is a good option for farmers. The availability of this vaccine is high and it is no longer an issue for poultry farming.

Though some farmers do not think that giving the vaccine will work since Newcastle bronchitis disease is still rare in the Philippines.

However, since the disease is preventable, it is good to give the chicken some immunization to let them grow healthily and safely for consumption.

Here is some information about the B1B1 vaccine for chicken that you should know to keep your farming industry getting a profit as it should.

What is the B1B1 Vaccine?

B1B1 vaccine is a vaccine for the chicken to reduce the risk of getting attacked by Newcastle bronchitis disease.

This disease attacks poultry farming fast when the virus strikes one of the chickens. The vaccine is from the B1 type with the B1 strain, so the name of the vaccine is the B1B1 vaccine.

This vaccine doesn’t only cure Newcastle disease but also bronchitis in chicken.

Bronchitis is one of the diseases that will reduce the quality of chicken and set their death faster. With additional Newcastle, the virus spreads easily and it harms the whole farming industry.

Giving the vaccine is one kind of immunization for the chicken. Even though the disease doesn’t attack the area, the chicken is well-protected with high-quality health.

The live virus will not disturb their health in general, so they are ready and safe to consume.

B1B1 Vaccine Benefits

  • Chicken’s health

It is important to ensure that the chicken you are farming is in healthy condition until they are ready to consume. Without the B1B1 vaccine, the possible illnesses of the chicken are high and make the chicken in a vulnerable state. Chicken with illness is bad in quality and not safe to consume.

  • Preventing Newcastle

Newcastle disease is from the US and the disease is preventable with the B1B1 vaccine. The B1B1 vaccine price in the Philippines is getting cheaper, especially on e-commerce. The Newcastle disease is no longer an urgent issue in the country since more farmers are aware of this virus.

  • Preventing bronchitis

Bronchitis is not only a disease of humans but also chicken. The disease’s sign is sneezing and coughing. The chicken’s sneezes and coughs are spreading the virus to other chickens. This bronchitis is preventable with the B1B1 vaccine, via a sprayer or water to drink.

B1B1 Vaccine Price Philippines

The B1B1 vaccine price is very affordable on the market. You can give the vaccine without help from the vet, as long as you follow the precaution on the vaccine bottle. Here is the price list of NCD B1B1 vaccines that you can buy from an online market in the Philippines.

Vaccine typePrice
Medivac B1B1 50₱136
Medivac B1B1 100₱176
Medivac B1B1 200₱196

B1B1 Vaccine Schedule

  • First dose of vaccine

The first dose of vaccine should be when the chicken is on the 14th day. It is important to ensure they grow well with high-quality chicken meat and eggs. Giving the vaccine before 14 days is hard because they sometimes can’t drink the water with vaccine content.

  • Second dose of vaccine

The second dose of vaccine is between 4 to 16 weeks. The chicken is still not ready to consume since the size is not ready to hit the market. The second dose is also important and you should follow how to administer B1B1 vaccine.

B1B1 Vaccine Preparation

  • Water

You have to prepare the water without chlorine. The non-chlorinated water is important because the vaccine will dissolve well. The vaccine with contaminated chlorine will only create other problems for the kitchen. Make sure that you use distilled water.

  • Area

The area for vaccination should be clean first. In case the farming area is too big, you can separate the chicken which will get the magkano ang B1B1 vaccine. It is easier because later, you can distinguish which chicken has had the vaccine and which has not.

  • Count the chicken

It’s very important to count the chicken before you give them the vaccine because every bottle only gives a certain amount of chicken tail. For example, a bottle of 200 doses can’t be 500 tails. It is important to read and obey this precaution, so the vaccine works well.

How to Use B1B1 Vaccine

  • Dissolved water

How to apply B1B1 vaccine? You can give a dose of the first vaccine in dissolved water. You have to ensure that the water is clean, fresh, and non-chlorinated. After that, mix the vaccine with a certain dose in the water. Follow the amount of water you have to mix and the total chicken that you will vaccinate.

  • Sprayer

Another possible way how to give B1B1 vaccine is by spraying the water. It is the first dose as well for the chicken which is still 14 days old. Spraying the B1B1 vaccine for chicks is easy and practical. However, you have to set the spray at low pressure so it doesn’t hurt the chicken.

The B1B1 vaccine price in the Philippines should not be an issue for this farming industry. Giving the vaccine to the chicken will maintain its health until it is ready to consume. This vaccine is safe and will prevent the farmers from losing because of Newcastle disease and bronchitis.

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