Anti Rabies Vaccine Price

To get protection from fatal rabies infection, you must get four shots of the anti rabies vaccine. Anti rabies vaccine price starts from ₱600 per shot.

Rabies is a viral disease that attacks the central nervous systems of mammals. This disease transmits from animals to animals and animals to humans.

Therefore, those who work with animals must get an anti-rabies vaccine to prevent the infection. Anti rabies vaccine price in the Philippines is affordable.

Consequently, you will have no problem getting this vaccine. You can contact your local clinics or hospitals if you need a rabies vaccination.

However, you must have better knowledge of this vaccine before you get the anti-rabies shot. Therefore, you can get maximum protection from the vaccine.

What is Anti Rabies Vaccine

The anti-rabies vaccine is a vaccine to prevent rabies. Since rabies is a common infection in dogs, people call the anti-rabies vaccine the vaccine for dog bite.

However, dogs are not the only animal carrying this virus, cats and wild animals, such as skunks and raccoons, usually carry the virus too.

They carry the virus in their saliva. Therefore, if you make a contact with this saliva, get a dog bite, or other animals’ bite, you will get a rabies infection.

All rabies infections result in death. Therefore, it is essential for people with a high risk of rabies infection, e.g., veterinarians and researchers, to get this vaccine. Those who live or travel in areas where rabies is common also need to get this vaccine. 

By getting anti-rabies vaccines, you don’t need to worry much when rabies-infected dogs, cats, and other animals bite you.

Your body will fight and kill the rabies virus. The vaccine will also help you recover quickly from this infection without any complications.

After getting the vaccination, you may suffer from side effects. The rabies vaccine side effects in human are abdominal pain, muscle aches, headache, nausea, swelling, soreness, and redness on the site of injection.

Medical Uses Anti Rabies Vaccine

You can get this vaccine before or after getting a potential rabies infection. However, can rabies vaccine be given with other vaccines? Yes, you can get an anti-rabies vaccine and other vaccines at the same time.

1. Before the Infection

To prevent rabies infection, you need to receive several doses of an anti-rabies vaccine within a particular period.

This pre-exposure vaccination is essential for those who have a high risk of rabies infection.

2. After Potentially Infected

Those who never get an anti-rabies vaccination must get rabies post-exposure vaccines right away after getting a dog bite.

The post-exposure shots are only effective if you have them before the virus attacks the central nervous system. 

Your medical provider generally will give you several shots in a short period of time to prevent a fatal complication.

3. Additional Dose

Your healthcare providers may suggest you get an anti-rabies vaccine booster if you have a higher risk of infection. You can take the booster two or three years after the first vaccination.

Types Rabies Vaccine

Types Rabies Vaccine

There are two types of anti-rabies vaccines you can get


HDCV is an inactivated vaccine made of a particular strain of rabies virus. The development of this vaccine started in 1967.

The HDVC anti-rabies vaccine price is more expensive than the other vaccine type.


PCEC vaccine is a newer rabies vaccine. It uses inactivated rabies virus grown in cell cultures or embryonated eggs.

Since it uses embryonated eggs, this anti-rabies vaccine price is more affordable.

How Many Doses Anti Rabies Vaccine

The doses of anti-rabies vaccine you must get depend on when you have the vaccination.

Those who have pre-exposure vaccination will get three doses of 1-ml anti rabies vaccine. They will get them on days zero, seven, and 21 or 28.

Meanwhile, those who have post-exposure vaccination will receive four doses of the vaccine on days zero, three, seven, and fourteen.

However, if you had anti-rabies vaccination in the past, you only need two doses of pos-exposure vaccination.

Anti Rabies Vaccine Price List

How much is the anti rabies vaccine price Philippines? Below is the estimated anti rabies vaccine price list.

Anti Rabies Vaccine

Healthcare Provider


Anti Rabies Vaccine for HumansTopmed Diagnostic Center QC₱650
Philippine General Hospital (Manila)₱600
San Lazaro Hospital₱600
Anti Rabies Vaccine for Dogs₱300 to ₱1,000

From the table above, you can see that the price per shot of rabies vaccine is affordable.

You can also see that a full pre-exposure vaccination costs at least ₱1,800, while a full post-exposure vaccination costs at least ₱2,400.

How Long Anti Rabies Vaccine is Effective in Human

How long does anti-rabies last? The immunity duration of this vaccine affects up to 10 years after the vaccination. However, in some countries, the anti-rabies vaccine validity only lasts for three years.

Since it is effective in 10 years in the human body, healthcare providers recommend anti-rabies vaccination once in ten years.

However, they recommend an anti-rabies vaccination booster every two or three years for those who have a high risk of rabies infection.

Food to Avoid After Anti-Rabies Vaccine

After having an anti-rabies vaccination, you can eat and drink freely. Medical providers generally do not order you to avoid particular foods or drinks. However, they may be concerned if you are on a particular medication. 

Drug interactions may occur when you have anti-rabies vaccination and take particular drugs at the same time.

For example, a severe interaction will occur between belimumab and the anti-rabies vaccine. Consequently, the effectiveness of the vaccine will decrease.

Getting an anti-rabies vaccination is essential for those who live in areas where rabies is common.

Many Philippine healthcare providers provide this vaccination. Moreover, the anti-rabies vaccine price per shot is only ₱600.

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