VDRL Test Price

VDRL test price in the Philippines is affordable. It starts from ₱120, but patients will pay more than that if they have this test from private medical providers.

Doctors usually perform a VDRL test on their patients due to various medical conditions. The VDRL test price is affordable for most Filipino citizens.

What is the VDRL test meaning? Why do doctors do this test on their patients? Below are several facts about this test.

  • VDRL test means venereal disease research laboratory test. Sometimes, medical professionals call this test the VDRL RPR test. RPR stands for rapid plasma reagin.
  • VDRL test is a syphilis test. The syphilis bacteria (Treponema pallidum) generally penetrate the lining of the genital area or the mouth and cause infections.

Why the VDRL Test is Performed

Why must patients have the VDRL test?

  1. Doctors will perform VDRL tests on their patients if they suffer from sexually transmitted diseases or syphilis infection symptoms. Some of these symptoms are fatigue, headache, fever, swollen lymph nodes, a rash on the palm, and white patches in the mouth.
  1. Doctors generally do a VDRL pregnancy test on pregnant women. These women must have this test because syphilis increases the risk of stillbirth, premature birth, and miscarriage. Infected mothers will also pass the syphilis infection to their babies.
  1. Medical professionals usually also perform this test on patients who have engaged in high-risk sexual activity or are diagnosed with HIV or gonorrhea.
  1. Those with syphilis infections must get immediate treatment. If left untreated, this condition will damage their eyes, brain, heart, and other vital organs. After getting the treatment, they must have a second VDRL test to check whether the treatment works.

How the VDRL Test is Performed

In doing a syphilis test VDRL, doctors will take the blood sample of their patients. After that, they will send the sample to a laboratory. Next, lab technicians will test this sample to detect the presence of reagin. 

Reagin is antibodies (a protein type) produced by the patient’s body in response to the syphilis infection. In some cases, medical professionals take a spinal fluid sample during the VDRL test. 

They usually do it when the infections are in an advanced stage and may have affected the central nervous system or brain. This VDRL test price is different from the one using the blood sample.

Procedure VDRL Test

Those who plan to get a syphilis test must not only find the information about the VDRL test price, but they must also learn about the VDRL test procedure. Below is a brief explanation of this procedure.

  • Preparation: Patients do not need to do a particular preparation before the test. They don’t need to fast or avoid particular foods and drinks. They only need to come to the office of their medical providers.
  • Blood Draw: Doctors will take 2 ml to 4 ml of a blood sample from a vein in the elbow using a needle that is connected to an airtight tube. 
  • CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) collection: Doctors will ask their patients to lie on their sides and pull their knees to their chests. After that, doctors use a local anesthetic to numb patients’ lower back. They shot a spinal needle into the patient’s lower back and take a small amount of CSF.
  • After the test: Patients can do their daily activities after the test. They may need to wait up to 5 days for the test result.

VDRL Test Price in Philippines

How much is a VDRL test price Philippines? This test is affordable, especially if Filipino citizens have this test done in public hospitals because these hospitals charge a more affordable VDRL test price than private hospitals do. 

Below is the VDRL test price list in the Philippines.

Medical ProvidersTest Price
Polymed Lab Philippines VDRL/RPR screening₱210
Basilan General HospitalSyphilis anti-TP test₱210
My Health ClinicSexually transmitted infection test package (including VDRL test)₱2550
Region II Trauma and Medical CenterVDRL/RPR screening₱120
Perpetual Succor HospitalVDRL/RPR screening₱340

Risks of Taking the VDRL Test

Taking the VDRL test is almost risk-free. Most patients who have this screening procedure do not suffer from any side effects.

However, there are several risks related to having blood drawn during the VDRL test procedure.

  • Difficulties in taking the blood sample due to small-size veins.
  • Multiple punctures due to the difficulty in locating veins.
  • Feeling lightheaded or fainting
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Blood accumulating under the skin or hematoma
  • Infections.

Aside from the risks above, a VDRL test may give a false-positive screening result if the test is done in the early or late infection stage.

As a result, doctors may do another screening to provide more accurate diagnoses to their patients. 

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