Vasectomy Price

Vasectomy price vary based on the hospitals and you may get financial coverage for vasectomy Philippines if you are eligible for health care programs.

However the price of vasectomy start from ₱ 25,000 – 60,000

Here some complete information about types , price, and option to get affordable vasectomy price.

Why Do You Need Vasectomy?

Vasectomy price Philippines is more affordable than other types of birth control methods.

However, it requires you to prepare the budget before taking the procedure.

Your intention in taking vasectomy matters because it will affect your ability to have kids afterward. 

People who need vasectomy usually want to prevent unexpected pregnancy because vasectomy considers one of the permanent birth control for males with a success rate of 99 percent.

The Philippines is one of the destinations for people taking this medical procedure due to the quality of the vasectomy procedure.

If you plan to get a vasectomy in the Philippines, you should compare vasectomy procedure price Philippines for the best price. 

Types of Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a minor surgery involving a medical procedure to prevent sperm from reaching the semen during ejaculation.

It comes two popular types that people who want to get vasectomy Philippines must consider. 

1.A conventional vasectomy

A conventional vasectomy involves cutting each tube and a small section removal with a surgical knife called a scalpel. 

Doctors will close the end of the tube through heat sealing or tying. Then, they will stitch the incised parts.

Discussion with the doctors is essential before taking a conventional vasectomy in the Philippines. 

2.A no-scalpel vasectomy

A non-scalpel vasectomy does not involve an incision so you may find different vasectomy price Philippines for the procedure.

Instead, it uses a small clamp to hold tubes and a small puncture to stretch them. 

A non-scalpel type is as effective as the traditional one but is less invasive, has no bleeding, is nearly painless, has lower risks, and requires shorter recovery.

How Much Vasectomy in the Philippines?

People want to know how much is a vasectomy when they get in the Philippines.

You need to know that the actual price of a vasectomy in this country depends on the hospital.

You may pay less when you undergo a vasectomy procedure in some clinics in the Philippines.

You can benefit from government programs and other non-profit organizations that provide free vasectomy services to men in this country.

However, if you plan to take this procedure in the hospital you may consider the vasectomy price Philippines below. 

ProcedurePrice range 
Vasectomy ₱ 25,000 – 60,000

Options for Affordable Vasectomy

Aside from non-profit organizations and government programs, you still have several options to get a more affordable cost of a vasectomy when you get this procedure in the Philippines.

You may benefit from a cost-saving vasectomy if you belong to the following categories. 

1.PhilHealth Benefits

PhilHealth covers vasectomy price Philippines for their members and dependents.

They can use their PhilHealth accounts to enjoy this benefit package in many hospitals and clinics in the Philippines for taking a vasectomy.

Therefore, ensure to keep your ID ready for verification before you take the procedure.

PhilHealth frequently covers the cost of the procedure, hospital or clinic facilities, and the doctor’s fee.

The company will cover the procedure and doctor’s fees in several cases. No matter how much coverage you get, it will give you peace of mind on the financial side. 

2.Senior Citizen Rates

Senior citizen rates offer a special price of vasectomy for a senior citizen.

It usually requires the patient to use their ID at the hospital or clinic where they are taking the procedure based on the arrangement. Senior citizens may get up to 20 percent for this procedure. 


Although it has a smaller chance, you may consider using HMO to help with family planning procedures.

It usually requires you to pay for the vasectomy procedure in advance because most HMO health cards do not provide coverage for a special procedure like a vasectomy cost Philippines. 

Hospital List with Vasectomy Service

Almost all major hospitals in the Philippines provide a vasectomy procedure.

You only need to compare the process and prices of the hospitals near your residence.

Most likely, you should ask how much is vasectomy because it will determine which hospital and procedure suit your needs and budget.

If you plan to get a vasectomy procedure in the Philippines, consider the following list and look for the vasectomy price Philippines in each:

Hospital Location
Beverly Hills Medical GroupMakati City
World Citi MedQuezon City
Asian Hospital and Medical CenterMuntinlupa
St. Luke’s Medical CenterQuezon City
The Medical City Pasig City
Urology Center of the PhilippinesQuezon City

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