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TSH Test Price Philippines – The TSH test is a blood test procedure that aims to measure the thyroid-stimulating hormone present in your body.

Because high or low TSG levels will affect your health condition. As we know, the thyroid is a small gland located at the front of the neck.

Thyroid hormone affects your organs, it can even affect your mood and heart health.

Therefore knowing the levels of thyroid in the body can prevent the occurrence of unwanted diseases.

Why Do You Need TSH Test

Then why do you need this test?

The TSH test can be used to find out how your thyroid is working and whether there is anything abnormal in the thyroid.

Many patients have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism which causes them to have regular TSH tests.

The doctor will advise you to carry out a series of procedures such as the ft3 ft4 tsh test which will help the doctor find out the levels of thyroid hormone in your body.

Because thyroid hormone levels are not normal, it often causes you to feel tired or have an irregular heartbeat.

This has an effect of quite drastic weight gain or loss. Of course, many people are worried about this.

TSH Test Package

Several TSH test packages are quite complete and you can choose from them

One of them is the ft4 tsh test which is a complete package to find out the levels of thyroid hormone in your body.

It’s best to consult with your doctor before doing this test.

Each test carried out has a different price, depending on the test package you need.

Usually, the doctor will recommend the best TSH test package according to your body condition.

The TSH test is often included in a package of other thyroid-related tests. Here is a list of some potential TSH test packages in the Philippines:

PackagesDetail ProcedurePrice
Basic Thyroid ProfileTSH test, a free T4 test, and a free T3 test₱ 2,000 to ₱ 2,500.
Complete Thyroid ProfileTSH test, a free T4 test, a free T3 test, and a thyroid antibodies test (TPO and TgAb)₱ 3,500 to ₱ 4,500.
Thyroid Function PanelTSH test, a free T4 test, a free T3 test, a T4 total test, and a T3 total test₱ 4,500 to ₱ 5,500

How Much TSH Test in Philippines

There’s something you need to know about the thyroid test price because each test package offers a different price depending on the test procedure you’re taking.

Normally, the TSH test starts at ₱ 485 and can be more expensive for the full package.

Many hospitals in the Philippines offer different prices, depending on the package you take.

The more complete the TSH test package, the more expensive the price you pay. For ft4 test price ₱ 485, depending on the procedure you are going to do.

TSH Test Price and Hospital List

The Philippines has many hospitals and clinics that offer TSH tests at various prices. Here’s the list:

Hospital Prices
Southern Philippines Medical Center Cebu₱ 280 to ₱ 520
Ace Diagnostic Fairview₱ 550
Hi-Precision with a ft4 tsh test starting₱ 790
Healthway Medical Clinic₱ 1,300
The Medical City₱ 1,850
Makati Medical Center₱ 1,850
St. Luke’s Medical Center₱ 2,000
Asian Hospital and Medical Center₱ 2,150

Ways to Save Money on TSH Test

This blood test provides many benefits, especially in identifying thyroid function abnormalities.

If you feel there is something wrong with your body, then immediately consult a specialist.

Next, the doctor will recommend a TSH test to determine hormone levels in your body.

For those of you who might be worried about costs, many hospitals and clinics provide discount promotions, especially senior citizen price which can be cheaper by showing an ID card.

You can get other additional discounts if you take a more complete test package.

For senior citizens, you can get a 20% discount for the TSH test just by bringing your ID card.

However, you need to know the hospitals and clinics that offer these promo packages.

Prepare several documents and consult your health problems with a specialist to get the appropriate treatment.

Prepare costs according to the average price of a TSH test in the Philippines and find the best specialist doctor for thyroid treatment.

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