Treadmill Stress Test Price

Treadmill stress test price in philippines start from ₱1,200 – ₱32,700. The price can go high or low depens medical center you’re use.

Do you need to get some details about the treadmill stress test price in the Philippines?

Here is the complete detail you will need.

When Is Treadmill Stress Testing Used?

Why do you have to check the latest treadmill stress test price in the Philippines ?

Your healthcare provider may want you to take this treadmill stress test for some reason.

Below are the goals you can achieve by taking the treadmill stress test.

  1. Diagnose coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease may happen when your arteries get diseased or damaged.

Some things may cause this disease, such as inflammation and cholesterol that deposits in the patient’s heart.

  1. Diagnose any problem with heart rhythm

You should also check the latest treadmill stress test price to know if there is an arrhythmia or a problem with the heart rhythm.

This disease will make your heart beat too slowly or too fast.

  1. Find the right treatment for heart disorders

It is time to look for a treadmill stress test near me if your doctor diagnosed you with any heart condition.

This treadmill stress test is going to help your healthcare provider whether a treatment works.

The results of this test will help your healthcare provider choose the most effective treatment for you.

How To Prepare For Treadmill Stress Testing?

Before checking the latest details of treadmill price in Philippines, you need to know what to do before taking the test.

Here are the rules to follow before taking the test.

  • Don’t eat anything hours before taking the test and avoid caffeine the whole day before the test. This means you should not take energy drinks, tea, coffee, and medications. 
  • Don’t use tobacco products or smoke before taking the test. Since you should also stop taking medications, you must talk to your healthcare provider first about this one.
  • Don’t be nervous since feeling anxious is going to affect the test results. Relax and wear comfortable and lightweight clothes and shoes.

Treadmill Stress Test Price

The price ranges of the treadmill stress test in the Philippines vary, depending on the test provider.

If you are considering taking this test, take a look at some price estimations from various medical centers in the Philippines below.

Names of the FacilitiesPrice Ranges
Southern Philippines Medical CenterBetween ₱1,200 and 1,850
myHealth Clinic₱7,000 (Cardio Work-Up Package)
Philippine Heart CenterBetween ₱25,300 and ₱32,700 (Cardio Pulmonary Examination, 24 hours or 48 hours)
Perpetual Succor Hospital₱2,000

Some medical facilities offer higher treadmill stress test price Philippines but the price is for cardio packages which include some other services.

Compare different prices from different facilities so that you can find the right one for your budget.

How Is Treadmill Stress Testing Done?

The technician is going to take your vital signs which include resting blood pressure and heart rate.

He is going to attach sticky and small electrodes or disks to your arms and chest. Those disks will connect to the EKG machines of the stress test treadmill.

And then you should pedal the stationary bicycle or walk on the treadmill at an easier pace.

The pace will be more intense over time but it will still be manageable. Exercise physiologists and technicians are going to ask how you feel periodically.

No matter how much you pay the treadmill stress test price, the test is going to end after you can maintain the target heart rate so that the technician can capture readings about your heart function.

Usually, the test will end between 10 and 15 minutes.

However, technicians will end the treadmill stress test if you ask to stop or experience severe symptoms.

Don’t hesitate to ask to stop if you don’t feel you can finish the test.

What To Expect After Treadmill Stress Testing?

After paying the treadmill stress test cost Philippines and stopping or finishing the test, your healthcare provider is going to monitor the ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, and symptoms until everything returns to the normal range.

This is going to take 15 minutes.

After recovering the heart rate, your healthcare provider may let you go home.

`1If you get a normal result for the test, it means your heart can pump properly and there will be adequate blood flow.

But if the result of the test is abnormal, then you may suffer from heart disease.

Make sure that you check the treadmill stress test price for a cardio package so that you can take some other tests to see whether you have a healthy heart or not

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