Sputum Test Price Philippines

Sputum test is essential to prevent lung diseases and the sputum test price Philippines is supportive for everyone to check their lungs.

In the Philippines, the cost of a sputum varies depending on several factors. However, the price is usually start from ₱150 – ₱2000

Here is complete information about sputum tests.

What Uses Does The Sputum Test?

  • Determining the kind of bacteria

The use of a sputum test is checking the bacteria in the lungs. Without this test, the practitioner won’t be able to see the color of the sputum to identify that.

Therefore, this test is essential since lung diseases are harmful to wellness in general.

  • Avoid infection

The infection or the risk of lung disease is a dangerous illness that everyone should be cautious of.

To examine this risk, a sputum culture test is a right method to do. The sputum test price Philippines is an affordable way to check harmful bacteria in the lungs.

Sputum is not the saliva that someone brings out when they cough. It has many colors that will appear differently according to the illness you have.

This is why the sputum exam is important to know the risk of lung infection.

  • Treatment planning

After a sputum test, the patient may have a bad lung condition and the practitioner can prepare proper treatment.

The price of treatment will depend on the situation, but it is more expensive than the sputum test price Philippines.

Ask the practitioner about the result of the testing after that.

What is Sputum Test Used For?

  • Finding out the bacteria

Bacteria in the lungs are the reason why lung diseases occur in some people.

They are the cause of infection, and the level of infection is different. Knowing what kind of bacteria stay in the lung is a preventive action to avoid the worst illness that may harm you in the future.

  • Checking the treatment

What is sputum test for those people who have TB already? The patient can check whether the treatment they have received from the doctor is working.

Sometimes, the medication and treatment don’t work well because of illness. Sputum test price Philippines is affordable for this test.

  • Checking the quality of lung

The lung quality can get worse because of chronic illness. The sputum test for TB price Philippines costs a low price because it is part of the government program.

If the lung quality is worsened because of the illness, you can get proper treatment.

What Happens During a Sputum Test?

  • Coughing

The practitioner will ask you to cough into a cup after breathing deeply. The cup will hold the sputum to examine later.

If the total sputum is not enough, they will help you by patting the chest after inhaling salty mist.

  • Bronchoscopy

Bronchoscopy is the procedure when you can’t cough properly to bring out the sputum.

There will be medicine to help you relax, after that, a tiny tube will enter the lung to take the sample.

Sputum Test Price Philippines

The sputum test price Philippines might be different according to the healthcare provider you come to.

However, you can make some estimations from the list of the price below:

Types of TestPrice
Sputum tes₱ 750-2000
Gram staining₱ 150-500

When Do I Need a Sputum Test?

  • Cough for a long time

Cough is one of the symptoms that you may have bad sputum quality in the lungs.

The period of cough is the consideration of measurement. So, the practitioner might ask you this question.

The more sputum produced, the more you need a sputum test. This is what a sputum test is for.

  • Fever

Fever is another symptom of what is sputum even though it can be a big sign of Tuberculosis.

However, the pattern of fever is different from the normal one. People with bad lungs usually experience fever only at night before they are going to bed.

On that day, the fever is gone.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue is another symptom that may happen if the lung quality is getting worse.

The shortness of breath and fatigue at the same time after a mild activity can be a sign of pneumonia.

Having a test of sputum culture will help you since the sputum test price Philippines is also cheap.

  • Confusion

Someone who is more than 50 years old may experience confusion. It is a sign that lung disease might have affected the quality of blood.

They require intensive treatment if confusion occurs on them with other symptoms following.

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