Shock Wave Lithotripsy Cost Philippines

Do you want to know about shock wave lithotripsy cost Philippines? The cost of performing ESWL in the Philippines ranges from Php 15,000 to Php 20,000 at the initial session and it also depends on where you choose the hospital for the procedure.

The fee that will be charged is Php 3,000 for the next session and it is also necessary to ask for the latest price updates from the hospital you want to go to.

Types of Shock Wave Lithotripsy

Through Urological Associates, available kidney stone specialists will perform three types of lithotripsy methods

1.Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) or piezoelectricity

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ESWL or piezoelectricity image

ESWL utilizes a pressure wave that goes straight to the kidney stone which then breaks it into very small pieces.

You will need anesthesia to help reduce the pain significantly, and you will also need intensive follow-up care so that you can heal more quickly.

2.Electrohydraulic lithotripsy (EHL)

Electrohydraulic lithotripsy EHL image

This lithotripsy uses electric shock waves as a way to break up kidney stones and make the pieces smaller and can pass through a small urinary tract.

The EHL will use general anesthesia.

3.Ultrasonic or electromagnetic lithotripsy

Ultrasonic or electromagnetic lithotripsy image

With ultrasonic lithotripsy, a probe is used to send a sound wave which has a very high frequency leading to kidney stones and the power of the ultrasonic waves can destroy the kidney stones that you are suffering from without side effects in the form of damage to the tissues and organs around your bladder.

Factors that Affect SWL Cost in the Philippines

There are many offers that will be given by the hospital because usually this procedure will run several sessions.

The initial procedure will generally be more expensive than the subsequent process. You can also get discounts and home packages at a low cost but include the cost of drugs, services, isolation rooms and so on.

How Much Shock Wave Lithotripsy 

You can find the lithotripsy cost Philippines is ranging from Php 15,000 to Php 20,000 for the initial session and it also depends on where you do the action.

Here is a general price list for SWL in the Philippines:

SWL with Insurance CoverageP10,000 – P20,000
SWL in Public HospitalsP20,000 – P30,000
SWL in Private HospitalsP50,000 – P70,000

Promo Price of Shock Wave Lithotripsy

The shockwave for kidney stones cost philippines or the procedure using the shock wave lithotripsy method and ESWL will be borne by Philhealth.

By using your ID card, you will be able to get some of the discounted prices you need and still get the level of service according to the standards you have chosen.

If you are an elderly person, there will be a 20% discount on ESWL procedures and shock wave therapy.

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