Physical Therapy Price Philippines

Physical therapy price philippines can vary widely depending on a number of factors either the types of physical therapy.

However the avarage cost of physical therapy start from ₱ 800- ₱2500.

Physical therapy price Philippines is cheap yet it has huge benefits for the patients. Check the types, benefits, and prices of treatment in the country here

What is a Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy meaning in general is a treatment by a therapist for a patient who has a special case because of illness and injury

Usually, the patient cannot do their daily task well because of what they experience. The main purpose of therapy is to live better and ease the pain.

Some pain because of injury or illness makes some people unable to live their life as they expected.

In treating that kind of pain, physical therapy is one of the solutions they can take.

Physical therapy price Philippines is not a burden since it is affordable treatment under healthcare providers.

The pain might come from a dysfunctional organ in your body. Therapy will help you to find the point and cure them.

Even though the process is not instant, this therapy has helped many people and it has been a treatment since a long time ago. 

The practitioner who will lead you during the therapy is a physical therapist.

They are professionals who have a license to give physical therapy to the patient.

They are eligible and passed the exam for physical therapy. Therefore, this therapy is also of medical treatment.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

  • Improving balance

For some people who have issues with body balance, physical therapy is the best solution.

People with balance problems usually have low mobility too. The therapy will help them improve their mobility as well as balance with low physical therapy cost.

  • Injury recovering

Your healthcare provider might ask you to have physical therapy because of injury.

To recover it, you can get this treatment. It might take time, but the trauma from the accident will be healed.

  • Reducing pain

The pain you felt because of injury may be unbearable and you can reduce it with physical therapy.

The physical therapy price Philippines has low for medical providers. It is an affordable method to reduce pain.

Types of Physical Therapy


This is the easiest therapy for everyone, especially the athlete. They will have sessions such as hydrotherapy, hot and cold application, and stretching.


This type of physical therapy is a children’s specialization. This is therapy for kids that have delays and many kinds of disorders.


This is therapy for the elderly because they tend to have problems because of aging. Usually, they have special treatment according to their issue and the physical therapy price Philippines will be different according to the treatment.


Physical therapist price in neurology might be expensive since it relates to brain work. The therapy is special for people who have issues such as cerebral palsy, neuropathy, and other spinal cord injuries.


This is the most popular physical therapy since many people get this. Orthopedics work to lead the patients who suffer pain related to bone, muscle, joint, and ligament.

Sometimes, they also work for athletes who have sports-related injuries.

Physical Therapy Price Philippines

The physical therapy price Philippines will be different according to the type of therapy. Here is the list of prices.

Type of TherapyPrice

FAQs Physical Therapy

What Does Physical Therapy Involve?

There are some movements in the therapy such as moving body parts, walking, standing, etc. Usually, the therapist will focus on the injured body part or the point of pain

When is Physical Therapy Considered?

You can consider physical therapy near me if you have an illness or injury that makes it difficult to do daily tasks.
It can be all ages or people who have particular health issues. The therapy given will be different per case.

What is The Aim of Physical Therapy?

People who come for therapy usually have issues with movement. The main aim is to regain movement and relieve the pain. So, the patient can live healthily again. The physical therapy price Philippines is not the reason to not get one since it is affordable.

Who Offers Physical Therapy?

Only a therapist can give the treatment. The facilities that offer this treatment are long-time care facilities, hospitals, and clinics.

How Can You Apply for Physical Therapy?

Becoming a therapist is not hard, but it needs a particular requirement. The applicant should have at least a bachelor’s degree and a graduated DPT program.
You can apply for this position at a place that offers physical therapy, e.g: hospitals and clinics.

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