Painless Normal Delivery Cost in Philippines

Painless normal delivery cost in Philippines start from ₱25,000- ₱35,000 can be quite high, because depending on several factors, such as the type painless normal delivery

Painless normal delivery cost in Philippines becomes the biggest consideration since it is affordable in this country.

Here is more information about this delivery method.

Painless Normal Delivery Procedure

Giving birth to a baby sometimes makes the mother worried, especially the first-time mother.

Many people say it is painful, yet nowadays there is an option to have painless delivery.

Plus, the painless normal delivery cost in Philippines is affordable. What is the procedure for painless normal delivery?

  • Preparing the pain relief

Even though it is not 100% pain relief for the mother, the medication will lessen the pain during active labor.

The healthcare provider will prepare an injection for the mother.

  • Mother’s position

The mother should be able to sit down while the back is arching. After that, they will give the mother an injection in the lower back.

The point is around the pelvic region.

  • Waiting time

The injection will work ten to fifteen minutes later. The painful sensation during active labor will be lessened.

Even so, the pain is still felt but it is not as strong as before.

Types of Painless Normal Delivery

1. Opioid injection

This is the most used method by the mother to take and the material is pethidine.

The effect of being painless during labor is only 15 minutes. The dose can be for six hours during active labor.

2. Epidural analgesia

This option is the cheaper option of painless normal delivery cost in Philippines.

The method is also effective and helps to control high blood pressure. The side effect is numbness after delivery is still felt.

3. Entonox

Painless normal delivery Philippines is also possible with Entonox inhalation.

The facemask will transfer the material during painful contractions and helps the mother to relax.

However, it sometimes makes the mother drowsy.

Advantages of Painless Normal Delivery

  • Vaginal muscles are relaxing

With more relaxing muscles, the mother can feel at ease, and the baby will descend easily.

It helps the painless delivery process faster than without painless mediation.

  • Less exhausted

Many women experience the exhausting process of delivery, and they don’t focus on pushing but on the pain.

Painless normal delivery is the solution for the process. Even so, this is still an option for the mother to take.

  • Lowering blood pressure

Some women might have the risk of high blood pressure during delivery.

It is dangerous for them, and a painless normal delivery cost in Philippines becomes a good solution. It is not as troublesome as a C-section and is much cheaper.

Disadvantages of Painless Normal Delivery

  • It has side-effects

Even though you can deliver the baby safely without so much pain, it still has many side effects such as back pain, nausea, and breathing problems.

The medication might not be suitable for all women.

  • Labor pain is longer

The first stage of labor can be longer than usual. The contraction is more painless than it should be, but the second stage of delivery can take more than a day.

More patience is needed.

  • Urinating trouble

Some women may experience some troubles after childbirth, such as urinating trouble.

They should get some help from the catheter for a few days until it is back to normal. However, this case is common.

Painless Normal Delivery Cost in Philippines

The painless normal delivery cost in Philippines depends on the healthcare provider that gives this administration.

Here is the average price for each type:

Type of Painless Normal DeliveryPrice
Opioid method₱ 30,000-35,000
Entonox₱ 25,000-27,000
Epidural Analgesia₱ 32,000-35,000

Painless Normal Delivery Side Effects

  • Severe migraine

Some women might experience severe migraine after taking an epidural since the shot is to the spine.

It is normal, yet it requires more treatment to feel more at ease.

  • Numbness

The numbness sensation sometimes is not only at the lower region of the back and pelvis but also at the other parts of the body.

You might need more time to be able to walk, and it is one of the disadvantages of painless normal delivery that many women avoid.

FAQs Painless Normal Delivery

Should You Choose a Painless Normal Delivery?

Even though the painless normal delivery cost in Philippines is affordable, it is still an option for the woman since it has some side effects.
Considering the side effects might help you to choose if the normal painless delivery is the right choice for you.

How is Painless Normal Delivery Possible?

The medication from injection makes it possible. The effect is fast, and you can deliver the baby without a painful sensation. Yet, think about some side effects of painless normal delivery before coming to this decision.

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