Lipid Profile Test Price

A lipid profile test is an important medical examination that helps determine the levels of cholesterol and other fats in the bloodstream.

In the Philippines, the cost of a lipid profile test varies depending on several factors. However, the price is usually start from ₱180 – ₱650

In this article, we will discuss the lipid profile test price in the Philippines and provide helpful information to help you understand about lipid profile test .

Lipid Profile Test Purpose

  • Checking cholesterol

Knowing cholesterol level is the purpose of checking lipid profile test normal range.

The category falls into three levels; normal, intermediate, and high-risk. If it is intermediate and above, there should be prevention to make it into the normal borderline again.

  • Diagnosing other conditions

Other medical conditions that may harm you can find in what is lipid profile test.

It helps you know more about your body, especially the risk of getting liver disease.

Types of Lipid Profile Tests

1.Total cholesterol

The lipid profile test price of total cholesterol is the most expensive because it contains all information about total cholesterol.

2.LDL Cholesterol

This is the bad cholesterol measurement and many people take this test to check how bad the content is in the arteries.

Usually, it describes the plaques that may lead to stroke.

3.HDL Cholesterol

This is the test to know how high this cholesterol is, yet this cholesterol is a good one to fight against LDL.


Triglycerides are one type of test to check the triggers of obesity and diabetes.

The high triglycerides can heighten the risk of getting high bad cholesterol in your body.

The lipid profile test price to know triglycerides is cheaper than total cholesterol.

Lipid Profile Test Price Philippines

The lipid profile test cost Philippines is varied, but there is a particular range at a very competitive price.

Here is the complete list of the price:

Type of TestPrice
Lipid test profile complete₱580-650

Lipid Profile Test Procedure

  • Before Procedure

Before the lipid profile test procedure, the patient has to fast overnight. You should not eat or drink anything until the test procedure is taken in the morning.

Fasting is important because the food you eat might affect the lipid level in your body.

  • During procedure

In the lipid profile test list, you should be relaxed because the blood will be withdrawn from your arm.

The amount of blood is small, so it will not cause any pain.

After the practitioner collects your blood, the site will get covered by a bandage. This procedure only takes three minutes.

  • After procedure

It is better to take the lipid profile test cost near me because not only lipid profile test price which is cheaper, but also you can go home faster and eat.

Fasting overnight might give you a hunger sensation.

There is no precaution, but finding the clinic near you will help you go home faster.

FAQs Lipid Profile Test

What is Lipid Profile Test Used For?

The lipid profile test is the way to know the cholesterol level since cholesterol is the trigger of a serious medical condition.
The lipid profile test price is the cheapest way to prevent serious illness in the future.

Who Should Go for a Lipid Profile Test?

Adults can take the test.
After twenty years old, the test should be taken once a year.
After 45, the test is better taken twice a year

What Time Should You Go For the Lipid Profile Test?

The best time to take the test is in the morning after fasting overnight.

Is the Lipid Profile Test Result Accurate?

The result of the test is accurate to prevent many medical risks. Lipid profile test price Philippines contains accurate information about lipid levels in your blood.

Is There Any Risk of The Lipid Profile Test?

There is no serious risk of lipid profile test unless hungry because of the lipid profile test fasting procedure

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