Laryngoscopy Price Philippines

How much should you pay for a laryngoscopy in the Philippines? The cost of laryngoscopy start from ₱3,505 – ₱11,400.

Can go high and low depens several factors, one of them types of lartngoscopy you’re use.

Get details about laryngoscopy type, uses and price Philippines on this page.

Types of Laryngoscopy

Laryngoscopy is a specific visual exam that is involving a throat scope. The goal is to see below the throat’s back where the larynx that has vocal cords is.

How much is the laryngoscopy price Philippines? The price varies depending on the type. And here are the different laryngoscopy types.

1.Indirect Laryngoscopy

This is the easiest laryngoscopy procedure. A doctor is going to use a small and light mirror to see inside the throat.

The doctor will then shine the light inside the mouth to see the image inside the mirror.

2.Direct Fiber-optic Laryngoscopy

Another name for this laryngoscopy procedure is flexible laryngoscopy.

The doctor is going to use a small telescope that has a cable at the end. He will put the telescope in the nose to see the throat.

3.Direct Laryngoscopy

When you look for the latest laryngoscopy price Philippines, most prices will direct you to the direct laryngoscopy.

This procedure will start when your doctor uses a laryngoscope for pushing down the tongue and then lift up the epiglottis.

Use of Laryngoscopy

A laryngoscopy procedure has various goals. The main goal of this procedure is to determine why the sore throat doesn’t go away.

This procedure can also help the doctor diagnose any ongoing issues such as bad breath, coughing, or hoarseness. Here are some other uses of laryngoscopy.

  • To see what is stuck inside the throat, to detect chronic or acute laryngitis, and to see what makes you experience difficulty breathing or swallowing.
  • Laryngoscopy is also the procedure you need to take if you experience earache that won’t go away or if you are coughing up blood.
  • You should also check the latest laryngoscopy price Philippines if your doctor needs to remove a growth or if he examines something that indicates something serious like cancer.
  • Your doctor will perform a laryngoscopy to remove the tissue sample in your throat or to remove something that blocks the airway.

It is essential to check the latest laryngoscopy price near you so that you can prepare a budget for this procedure.

Laryngoscopy Price Philippines

Procedure TypesProcedure Prices
Flexible nasolaryngoscopyBetween ₱5,990 and ₱7,820
VideolaryngoscopyBetween ₱3,505 and ₱4,210
Flexible nasolaryngoscopy with Covid19 RT-PCRBetween ₱9,000 and ₱11,400
Laryngoscopy for a corporate account₱5,400
Laryngoscopy package₱6,500

FAQs Laryngoscopy

Before visiting a laryngoscopy near me, you may want to know more about this procedure. Below are some details to help you understand more.

Who Performs Laryngoscopy?

The ones who will do laryngoscopies are known as otolaryngologists or ENT doctors.

ENT doctors are doctors who have specialization in ear, nose, and throat. They are going to use the right devices to perform the procedure

What Happens Before my Laryngoscopy?

The doctor is going to apply a numbing medicine and also decongestant to the patient’s nose.

The taste may be bitter and make the patient want to cough. And then the doctor will gently pass the laryngoscope into the nostril so that he can look down the throat.

What Happens After my Laryngoscopy?

There may be some laryngoscopy side effects you experience after the procedure. For example, you may experience muscle aches and nausea.

You may also feel tired but this feeling will be gone in a day or two. You may also experience a sore throat or be slightly swollen for several days.

What Are Laryngoscopy Complications or Side Effects?

Usually, laryngoscopy is a safe procedure. But there may be some small risks from this procedure.

Reactions to anesthesia, hoarseness, infection, and bleeding in the throat are some complications you may experience after the procedure

How Long Should for a Laryngoscopy Procedure?

Despite the laryngoscopy cost Philippines, most laryngoscopy will take one minute or less.

But your doctor may need between 5 and 10 minutes to finish the procedure. However, you may need to spend 30 minutes on the appointment

What’s the Success Rate of Laryngoscopy Procedures?

The success rate of this procedure is very high, up to 99%. Of 1439 procedures, 1425 of them were done successfully. This means you don’t have to worry or be scared of the procedure.

What’s the Recovery Time for Laryngoscopy Procedures?

You may feel a slightly swollen or sore throat for two to five days.
But the hoarseness may stay for one to eight weeks, depending on the type of procedure you get

Make sure that you learn many things about the procedure, including the laryngoscopy price Philippines, so that you will be ready for the procedure.

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