Holter Monitoring Price

Holter Monitoring Price – This is a medical procedure for finding diagnostics related to heart health which may also include the traditional EKG method.

Test methods that have been used for a longer time such as the Holter Monitor method are still possible to detect abnormalities in your heart organs. 

You can find out what the rates and prices are for carrying out the latest tests if at any time you need this information.

This method is a test that many say is similar to the EKG method but the process requires a much longer duration. 

This kind of method will allow monitoring of ongoing activity in the heart, and that monitoring occurs for at least 24 hours continuously, you maybe want to know about 24 hour holter monitoring price, and it is carried out when the patient is in a location far from the cardiologist’s clinic.

There will be an electronic device in the form of a monitor or something else that will be used during this procedure.

Why Do You Need Holter Monitoring

Monitoring of cardiac activity is the most important thing of all. We know that the heart is the most vital organ, so it is very necessary to monitor it whenever you have the chance.

And this kind of test will really help increase your awareness in maintaining heart health through adjusting your diet and healthy lifestyle. Young age is not a guarantee you will avoid heart disease.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Holter Monitoring In The Philippines

There is an increase or decrease in the price for this action depending on the costs that have been charged by the hospital and also what types of services you can get.

Holter Monitoring Price List in Philippines

The price for having a test using the Holter Monitor method in the Philippines can be found starting from Php 2,700 and this is based on the cheapest rate available in many clinics. However, there may be an increase of up to Php 6,000 or much more and it depends on the amount of hospital fees billed.

The holter monitor price that you may find that in some hospitals, you will be charged an initial deposit of Php 1,000 and needing an identity card with a valid validity period is the only requirement for you to take the test.

Philhealth Payment

You need to know, Philhealth does not cover actions or tests using Holter.

However, please feel free if you want to use the account that you have so you can get coverage and some standard procedures such as performing surgery, doctor’s expense coverage, and accommodation services from the hospital.

Hospital List with Holter Monitoring Services 

You can find lots of hospitals that have and offer services to perform heart procedures using the Holter Monitor test method.

You can also find out about the rates as well as what their latest pricing arrangements are like and how you can take home some of the devices that may be needed for the testing process.

  • Hospital also Asia Medical Center
  • MCU Hospital
  • Iloilo Diagnostic and Ultrasound Center
  • Philippine Heart Center
  • Manila Doctors Hospital
  • Quality
  • St. Luke
  • NKTI (National Institute of Kidney and Transplant)
  • Medical City
  • Hi Precision

Those are some big hospitals that you can visit and ask how much it costs and also the discount offers that you might get on each of these lists.

Please do a comparison so that you can find the most suitable price and still get the best service without putting your needs a side.

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