Hearing Test Price Philippines

Hearing loss is a common health condition that affects people of all ages. In the Philippines, hearing tests are essential in diagnosing hearing loss and ensuring early intervention.

Many people are curious about the hearing test price in the Philippines and how much they need to prepare for this type of diagnostic procedure.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on hearing test prices in the Philippines.

Understanding the cost of hearing tests is important to plan and budget for the necessary medical expenses for hearing health

Who Should Have a Hearing Test?

  • People with hearing loss

People with hearing loss even though it is still a mild level should have hearing tests regularly to prevent it from getting worsened.

Usually, the test is done every year or twice a year. Hearing  test price Philippines for regular checkups is affordable in healthcare center.

  • People with a head injury

These people also should have a free hearing test near me during the treatment to check if the accident affects their hearing.

  • Ringing sensation

The ringing sensation is a symptom that your hearing trouble. Usually, the ringing sensation they feel is when they hear or listen to a sound or voice.

This symptom can be a trigger of losing hearing. The person should have the test immediately since hearing test price Philippines is affordable.

Types of Hearing Tests

1.Pure-tone testing

Types of hearing test Pure tone testing 1 1 image

This is the general hearing test and the cost of hearing tests by audiologist is very affordable.

This testing doesn’t require many tools because the audiologist will play the tone at a low volume to check the pitch.

Both children and adults can take this test.

2.Auditory brainstem response

Types of hearing test Auditory brainstem response image

This test is checking the pathway that connects the brain and ear. Usually, this is a hearing test for newborn and children.

Some people with brain injury will also have this test if the result of pure-tone testing is bad.


Types of hearing test Tympanometry image

The cost of a hearing test that needs tympanometry is more expensive because the audiologists will check the drums’ movements.

Sometimes, the patient cannot hear well because of the fluid.

After that, the patient will have another treatment and it is cheaper than the hearing test price Philippines itself.

4.Bone conduction testing

Types of hearing test Bone conduction testing image

This is the test that you need to do if there is an unfamiliar object in the ear.

Hearing test price in the Philippines for this care will depend on the case. The audiologist will check the outer, inner, and middle ears.

Hearing Test Price Philippines

The hearing test price in the Philippines has a range and it depends on the place of taking the hearing test. Here is the price list.

Type of TestPrice
Complete test₱ 2000
ABR₱ 800
OAE₱ 300

How Do Hearing Tests Work

The hearing test works in a room and you will wear headphones. The headphones are connected to the device that will play several volumes of particular voices.

The audiologist might ask you about the speech in the play or ask you to respond to the sound.

This hearing test price Philippines is working at a low price.

What Happens in a Hearing Test?

  • Checking the problem

The audiologist will ask about the problem that the patient experiences with their hearing.

They might look into the ear to check for any blockages that might bring the problem. You can go to a hearing test near me for this simple check only.

  • Performing audiogram

The audiologist will perform the audiogram and the volume will be gradually lowered.

If the patient faces difficulties after that, it can be a sign that there is a problem with hearing.

Hearing tests cost Philippines for audiograms depending on where you take them.

  • Getting the result

After that, the patient will get the result for both ears. The result of the right ear may be different from the left ear and it is normal.

FAQs Hearing Test

How Often Should I Have a Hearing Test?

The best time to check your hearing ability is about every three to five years.
Even though you don’t have any symptoms, your lifestyle and your environment might lead to the risk of hearing loss.
After you enter 60 years old, you should have hearing tests once a year.

How Do I Test My Hearing at Home?

You can have the test at home with an online test. How much is a hearing test without insurance for this test? Usually, the offering is free.

Why Do I Need A Hearing Test?

A hearing test is a method to know whether you have hearing loss or not.
If there is a problem with it, you can take other treatments to get better quality of hearing.

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