HBsAG Test Price Philippines

HBsAG Test Price Philippines can vary depending on several factors such as location, type of laboratory, and insurance coverage.

In hospitals and clinics in the Philippines, you can find affordable Hepa B test price Philippines from Php 170 to Php 600, in private hospitals and those managed by the government. In some centers you may find that the price may be much higher.

How Many Types Of HBsAG Are There?

  • Acute hepatitis B

If this is your first time experiencing hepatitis, acute hepatitis B will infect you for at least 6 days. Acute hepatitis B does not always cause damage to your liver.

  • Chronic hepatitis B

Chronic hepatitis B will occur when HBV is found in your bloodstream even after six months from your initial exposure to hepatitis.

Factors that Affect HBsAG Test Price in the Philippines

Things that affect the cost of the hepatitis B test are the type of examination, then whether and have insurance or not.

Blood tests can include different components to identify potential diseases or disorders.

It is recommended to proceed to any hospital and clinic and do a series of HBsag tests on the advice of a doctor.

Test fees are now very affordable and are generally included in the package.

HBsAG Test Cost

The Hepatitis B test price Philippines price or the HBSAG test is very affordable.

Here is a general price list for HBsAg test in the Philippines:

HBsAg test in Public HospitalsP100 – P200
HBsAg test in Standalone LaboratoriesP200 – P300
HBsAg test in Private HospitalsP300 – P500

It is very important for you to be willing to do price comparisons at several hospitals at once, whether they are privately owned or government owned. Find out what you can get with a certain price range.

Then also find out if you can get a promo price to be able to get a discount that will help you save your budget.

Hospital List With HBsAg

The following are several hospitals that you can choose to do blood tests, starting from private and government-owned institutions.

  • Capitol Medical Center
  • Fatima University Medical Center
  • FEU Hospital
  • Philippine Lung Center
  • Mayor Hilarion Ramiro Medical Center
  • Perpetual Relief Hospital
  • South Cebu Medical Center
  • FEU NRMF Hospital
  • Medical City
  • Southern Philippines Medical Center
  • VRP Medical Center
  • Myhealth branch
  • ACE Diagnostics
  • Hi Precision Diagnostics

Insurance Coverage For HBsAG Test In The Philippines

If you have a referral or doctor’s prescription, then you can do this test. Many people will have tests to check their health at the clinic, especially regarding hepatitis.

People who are very susceptible to infection with Hepatitis B should do this test.

As a senior citizen you will get up to 20% price reduction just by showing a senior citizen ID. According to the regulations, the person who gets this right should receive an advantage in the form of a discounted price.

You only need to bring the card you have to be able to get the required discount.

Several occasions indicate that the HBsAG test is also included in the blood test package. Clinics and hospitals also provide this service as exclusive health services or for pre-employment needs.

You can ask it directly at the hospital you have chosen to do this test.

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