FibroScan Test Price

FibroScan Test Price start from ₱950 – ₱17,346 depending of type, hospital and packages.

FibroScan Testing is a diagnostic device that is designed to measure fibrosis or liver scarring. It is usually caused by various liver diseases.

But what should you know more about FibroScan testing?

Here is the FibroScan test price list and FAQs that will help you make a decision.

Uses of FibroScan Test

Many people want to know more about the FibroScan test price because this testing is easy, painless, quick, and offers an alternative with no surgery.

A physician usually will recommend this FibroScan test if someone has one of the various chronic liver conditions such as cirrhosis, autoimmune hepatitis, genetic diseases, alcoholic liver disease, and so on.

The computer is going to analyze the test’s information.

And then your physician will get the results and review them. After reviewing the results, your physician is going to notify the results. Now, you may wonder about the FibroScan liver cost.

FibroScan Test Price

The price of this liver test varies, depending on the hospital or medical center you choose. Below are some FibroScan test price ranges from different hospitals and medical centers.

Asian Hospital and Medical Center

FibroScan TestPrice
Liver Elastography₱4,800
The liver panel₱4,250

New World Diagnostics

FibroScan TestPrice
FibroScan HMO ₱1,000 – ₱4,000
FibroScan Walk in₱950 – ₱3,800

Makati Medical Center

FibroScan TestPrice
Liver with FibroScan Package₱5,200 – ₱14,358
Whole Abdomen with Fibroscan Package ₱7,690 – ₱17,346


If you still need more details about the FibroScan test price, find some information about it from the frequently asked questions below.

Why Is The FibroScan Test Done?

This is a non-invasive test that is going to help asses your liver’s health.
The test will use ultrasound technology that will determine the scarring or fibrosis degree.

The cause of fibrosis and scarring may vary, but mostly it is caused by various liver conditions or diseases.
The information you get from the FibroScan testing is very useful.

Your gastroenterologist is going to use it to optimize and individualize the right treatment plan for you.
For many liver patients, this device can replace the option of liver biopsy.

What Are The Benefits of a FibroScan Test?

There are so many benefits of FibroScan testing. First of all, it is a very quick and painless way you can use to assess the health of your liver. It only takes ten minutes for you to investigate your liver with the help of this device. And then you will get critical information on the health of your liver.

Using FibroScan near me also provides some other benefits. This device uses a specific technology that helps you get a more accurate assessment of your liver fibrosis.

Hepatologists can use this device to identify their patients accurately with significant liver diseases and they can find the best treatments.

Who Needs a FibroScan Test?

If you have one of some chronic liver conditions, then you should start looking for details about the FibroScan test price. People with cirrhosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, alcoholic liver disease, and autoimmune hepatitis disease must take this FibroScan test.

If you have liver genetic diseases like Wilson’s Disease or Hemochromatosis, you may also have to take the FibroScan test. People with NASH or Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis must also consider taking the FibroScan test to see what they should do to treat their disease better

How is the FibroScan Test Done?

This test doesn’t require any sedation, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes by your appointment may last 30 minutes.

After finding the answer to how much does FibroScan cost and book a FibroScan test, make sure that you learn about the procedure. Here are the testing steps you are going to take

-Lie on the back and then raise your right arm behind the head. Since you should expose the right abdominal area, you need to wear loose cloth.
-A medical provider is going to apply a gel based on water to your skin. And then the medical provider going to place the non-invasive probe over the liver.
-You are going to feel a little vibration on your skin during the exam. The probe will deliver ultrasound waves so that it can measure the liver

What Can a FibroScan Detect?

A FibroScan test is going to search for some markers such as liver scarring or fibrosis. This means this device is going to help detect liver cancer.

Fibrosis is associated with HCC or hepatocellular carcinoma which is one of many liver cancer types. Get the latest quote for the FibroScan test price now.

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