Erceflora Price for Baby, Kids & Adult

Erceflora is one of the best probiotic supplement products. The Erceflora price starts from ₱438.

You can even get the supplement at a lower erceflora price if you choose the generic version.

Suffering from gut problems, such as constipation, bloating, and diarrhea can make your life miserable. Thankfully, you can easily find its solution in the form of Erceflora.

This product is available in many Philippine drugstores. Moreover, the Erceflora price is quite affordable.

Erceflora is an effective product to relieve your gut problems. In addition, people of all ages can get the benefits offered by this product.

Therefore, you can also use it to ease your kids or babies gut problems.

What is Erceflora?

Erceflora is a supplement product that contains Bacillus clausii spores. Its manufacturer, Sanofi, sells it in the form of ready-to-drink vials.

An Erceflora vial contains 5 ml of liquid supplement and 2 billion Bacillus clausii spores.

Bacillus clausii is an antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Moreover, many experts consider it a probiotic. The bacteria effectively help the restoration of intestinal bacterial flora.

Intestinal bacterial imbalance commonly occurs when you change your diets, take antibiotics or chemotherapy medication, and suffer from intestinal infections. This imbalance will cause you to suffer gut problems, such as diarrhea.

The Bacillus clausii spores in Erceflora will promote the balance of intestinal bacterial flora.

Consequently, you will be free from diarrhea and other gut problems after taking this medication. 

Erceflora is an excellent product. These are other benefits offered by this supplement.

  • Bacillus clausii Erceflora rebalances vitamins in the gut.
  • The bacteria prevent the growth of pathogenic bacterial strains in the gut.
  • Erceflora improves nutrient absorption in the gut.
  • It is safe to take Erceflora and antibiotics at the same time.

Erceflora comes in two package sizes. The first consists of 5 vials and the other consists of 10 vials. The Erceflora price of the former is, of course, more affordable.

Erceflora Use

Both adults and kids may take this supplement to treat their gut problems. 

1. Erceflora for Adult

Adults generally take Erceflora for diarrhea. You can use this supplement to treat both chronic and acute diarrhea.

Chronic diarrhea commonly lasts for more than two weeks. The cause of this type of diarrhea is medication, IBS, and food intolerance.

Meanwhile, acute diarrhea lasts less than two weeks. Food poisoning, infection, and medication are the culprit of acute diarrhea.

2. Erceflora for Kids

Giving Erceflora for baby and kids is perfectly safe because this supplement is a gentle solution.

You can give your babies or kids this supplement when they are suffering from diarrhea.

You can also use it to treat gastrointestinal disorders that are common in breastfeeding babies.

However, you need to properly follow the instructions when you use Erceflora to treat your kids’ gut problems. Therefore, you can treat these problems effectively and safely.

Erceflora Dosage

How many Erceflora vials are needed to treat diarrhea and other gut problems? It depends on the age of the persons who take this medication. Erceflora paano gamitin:

  • Erceflora Intake for Adults: The daily dose of Erceflora for adults is 2 to 3 vials or capsules. They must take this supplement every 3 to 4 hours.
  • Erceflora Intake for Kids: Kids need 1 to 2 Erceflora vials or capsules per day to effectively treat their gut problems.  They must take it once in 3 or 4 hours.
  • Erceflora Intake for Babies: The daily dose of Erceflora for babies is 1 to 2 vials. You must give this supplement to your babies every 3 or 4 hours.

Erceflora Price Philippines

Erceflora Price Philippines

Below is the Erceflora price list in the Philippines. Here, you can also find the erceflora price of similar products that contain Bacillus clausii. Lest see this erceflora price :


Erceflora Price

Erceflora Kiddie Probiotic Supplement, 10 mini vials₱438
Erceflora Kiddie Probiotic Supplement, 5 mini vials₱212
Bacillus Clausii Erceflora, 10 bottles (@5 ml)₱472
TGP Bacillus Clausii, 10 mini bottles (@5 ml)₱300
Novaflora (Erceflora Generic), 6 bottles₱165
Aeroflora, 10 bottles₱240

How to Take Erceflora

Due to the ready-to-drink form, kids and babies can easily take this Erceflora supplement. Pagtatae Erceflora paano gamitin:

  • Shake the Erceflora vial.
  • Open the vial.
  • You can swallow the content directly if you are an adult. However, for babies and kids, you can mix the supplement with milk or juice before giving it to them.

Note: It is okay to take Erceflora on an empty stomach. Erceflora will work immediately in your body. You can feel the effect of this supplement in one to three days. Moreover, you will feel a lot of improvement in your condition in seven to ten days.

Side Effects of Erceflora

This supplement is generally safe to take. However, there are a few reports that those with serious illnesses get some allergic reaction, e.g., minor rashes, sepsis, and bacteremia, after taking this supplement.

Some people believe that this supplement will not react to particular drugs. However, you must consult your doctor or pharmacist about the medication you are currently taking before purchasing Erceflora.


Do you have any questions about Erceflora? Maybe the FAQs below can answer your questions.

1. Is it Safe During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding must consult their doctor before taking Erceflora.

It is best to take it only if it is necessary and under a supervision of a medical professional.

2. What Should I Know Before Using Erceflora?

Erceflora is colorless, odorless, and sugar-free. Therefore, you can mix it with tea, juice, milk, or other drinks without worrying that the supplement changes the color and taste of your drink.

3. What Health Conditions May Interact with Erceflora?

This supplement may interact with your health condition. Therefore, you must tell your pharmacist or doctor about your medical history or the medication you currently take before taking Erceflora.

Ercheflora is an excellent probiotic supplement. The Bacillus clausii inside Ercheflora can improve the balance of intestinal bacterial flora.

Moreover, the Erceflora price is worth the benefits you get from this supplement. With only ₱438, you will get 10 mini vials of Erceflora.

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