EEG Test Price and Types Philippines

EEG Test Price Philippines – EEG or electroencephalogram, is a test that can detect abnormalities through brain waves or electrical activity in the brain.

This test uses a small metal disc that will be attached to your scalp, and your brain cells, which are active all the time, will appear as wave lines on the EEG recording.

The results of this EEG test will help doctors diagnose any brain disorders or abnormalities that occur in your brain.

Why Do You Need an EEG Test?

An EEG test is needed to identify and evaluate brain disorders.

For example, when epilepsy occurs, large wave graphics will appear on the EEG results.

This test can be done to find out about some disorders in the brain, such as strokes, tumors, Alzheimer’s, or sleep disorders.

In addition, EEG can also be used to see the electrical activity in our brains and monitor blood flow from the brain.

For health reasons, you can do this EEG test.

Types of EEG Test 

You should be aware of the following EEG tests:

1.Routine EEG

This test lasts for 20 to 40 minutes. During the test, you must rest quietly and open or close your eyes according to the doctor’s orders. In this test, flashing lights are also used to see the response of your brain activity.

2.Outpatient EEG

This test will take all day, maybe even more than one day. You can still move because this EEG test uses electrodes attached to your clothes.

3.EEG During Sleep

This EEG test will be performed while you are sleeping to determine whether or not you have a sleep disorder.

How Much Does an EEG Test Cost in the Philippines?

An EEG test can be done for health reasons, especially for those of you who want to prevent brain disease.

You can do this EEG test at the best hospital in the Philippines.

Then how much eeg test cost in Philippines?

Here is a rough estimate of the cost:

Types of EEGPrice
Routine EEG testPHP 4,000 to PHP 6,000
Sleep Deprived EEG testPHP 5,000 to PHP 8,000
Ambulatory EEG testPHP 10,000 to PHP 15,000
Video EEG testPHP 20,000 to PHP 25,000

In addition, the prices for children and adults are also separated because they adjust to the needs of the patient.

Hospitals and Clinics with EEG Test

There are several large hospitals with advanced technology that can perform EEG’s.

Before you do, there are several lists of hospitals with different eeg price list. Here is the list:

  • Manila Doctors Hospital
  • Captol Medical Center
  • NKTI
  • Manilamed
  • Philippine Heart Center
  • Cebu Doctors Hospital
  • Doctors Hospital of Davao

Ways to Reduce the Cost of EEG Tests

If you are worried about the eeg price list Philippines, maybe you can use an ID card to get discounts of up to 20% at several hospitals.

You can prepare the documents needed to get a discount on the EEG test price.

Apart from that, you can also use an HMO card for senior citizens, which can provide many benefits.

There are even some programs that offer free programs.

EEG Test for Free

The price of the EEG test is indeed quite expensive, but some people need it.

Then can you get it for free? Of course I can.

There are special programs designed by governments or NGOs for senior citizens or people who need an EEG.

However, before using this free program, you should first find out the price of the EEG test at various hospitals because not all hospitals provide free services.

There are some things you should do before performing an EEG.

Starting with washing your hair, it is forbidden to consume caffeine before the test and follow other instructions from the doctor.

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