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There are many kinds of tests in the hospital for heart problems and one of them is ECG or EKG. This ECG test price is cheap and simply detects any abnormality that is in your heart.

Only hospitals and clinics can do this test since the result might affect further examination.

When the patients have vulnerabilities of heart disease, the doctor will suggest doing ECG to check the problem in the arteries.

Any irregular rhythms in the heart are also detected well from the ECG test. Before further treatment, ECG is the basic test for all patients.

Therefore, how is the test doing for the patients? What are the risks that might happen? And What are the purposes of doing this test? Check further explanation in this article.

What is ECG Test?

ECG is a test to check the electrical activity and also the rhythm in your heart. It is a simple examination, yet vital for people suffering from heart disease or vulnerability.

The sensor that is attached to the patient skin detects the abnormalities if any. The test electrocardiogram is painless and it is prevalent in the hospital or the clinic for heart specialization.

The sensor detects quickly and the result will appear on the monitor. Only professional healthcare who can do this test on the patient. The ECG test price is affordable.

The machine of EKG is commonly to find inside an ambulance for a high-emergency patient and operating room. Professional healthcare might need help from other tools such as smartwatches to see the reaction and measure how normal ECG result is. 

Why Might I Need an ECG?

  • Chest pain

If you have experienced chest pain, you need to do an ECG test as soon as possible. Chest pain that occurs suddenly and repeatedly might be a sign of heart problems. 

  • Dizziness

Some people with severe dizziness that occurs from time to time might have signs of heart problems. After consultation with the doctor, you might have the suggestion to do an ECG. 

  • Shortness of breath

A short breath habit may be a sign of a heart problem. If this case happens suddenly when you have severe fatigue, you can have a consultation with the doctor. They might tell you to have ECG.

  • Rapid pulse

To know the speed of the pulse, you can do a medical checkup. The rapid pulse is actually normal when you are anxious for some reason. However, if it happens unreasonably, they perhaps tell you to have ECG. 

Purpose of ECG Test

  • Checking heart rhythm

The rhythm of the heart should be on a normal scale, not too slow and not too fast. If the ECG finds it abnormal, then you need a further checkup. YOu might have some signs of heart problems as well.

  • Diagnose heart attack

Some people are born with heart problems. Heart attack risk is shadowing their lives. To diagnose a heart attack, ECG is the test to see the possibility of it in the future. 

  • Checking abnormalities

Many abnormalities case might happen in your heart. The 12 lead ECG test will help you to find out if there are some parts that have abnormalities. For example, the case of the thickened heart muscle and less electrolyte.

Types of ECG

1.Holter monitor

Holter Monitor image

A holter monitor is a wearable device for the patient. It is a small detector for 24 or 48 hours. The device will check continuously. The professional puts this advice during an emergency.

2.Event monitor

Event Monitor image

An event monitor is another holter monitor, wearable, but it lasts up to 30 days. When the patient feels the symptoms, you only need to push the button. The ECG will detect it fast.

ECG Clinic Near Me

Since the examination is common in the Philippines, you can find many ECG clinics near me such as diagnostic hospitals, medical clinics, diagnostic centers, and occupational health. 

ECG Cost in The Philippines

ECG test price in the Philippines is affordable since it is a basic test, even for general MCU. Here is the price list of how much is ECG test according to the place in the country.

Perpetual Succor Hospital₱250
Manila Doctors Hospital₱700
Evergreen hospital₱350
Healthplus Diagnostic Specialist₱200
The medical city₱200

Before the ECG Test

  • Skin condition

You have to avoid any greasy cream or lotion in your body. That will prevent the sensor to read the result on the monitor. 

  • Clothes

If you come as a casual patient for a basic examination, you have to wear a shirt that is easily removed. It helps the staff to place the sensors on your chest. 

ECG Test Results


ECG test normal range is when the result shows the heart beats 60-100 per minute. This rate is normal and you don’t have to check for further examination.


The abnormal ECG test means your heart beats slower or faster than 60-100 per minute. Other factors such as high potassium and enlarged heart may be additional to see on the monitor. 

What Happens After an ECG?

There is nothing particular to do after an ECG. This test doesn’t require special performance and aftercare. If the result is abnormal, the doctor will tell you to do further examination or suggestions related to the result.

What Are The Risks of An ECG?

There is no risk of doing an ECG. The test is only for 10 minutes and the result will go out accurately at the same time. There is no aftercare. If the ECG interpretation is abnormal, you only have to have further checks in the hospital.

ECG test price is very affordable in the Philippines. It doesn’t cost much, but some people are afraid to do it to hear the result. However, the importance of this test is very high. Detecting the heart problem sooner is better than curing it since it threatens your life. 

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