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DNA testing, also known as paternity testing, is a procedure to determine biological relatives. This test is popular to predict one’s ancestry and get to know the biological parents of an individual. Thanks to the ever-increasing technology, the DNA test price Philippines becomes more affordable.

There are multiple types of DNA tests but the most common are mitochondrial testing, autosomal testing, and Y DNA. Each test has different characteristics and uses different procedures.

Read more to get to know about DNA testing including DNA test costs in the Philippines.

What is DNA Test?

A DNA test is a type of medical test to determine an individual’s genetic makeup and reveal biological relatives, including the biological parentage of a child. This kind of test is also popular to identify gene variants and mutations as well as predict specific conditions and customize medical treatments.

This medical procedure uses a sample of hair, blood, skin, or even amniotic fluid in case you want to test a fetus. One of the most popular collecting methods is a buccal smear which uses a small brush to collect a cell sample from the inner surface of the cheek.

Why Do You Need DNA Test?

People take DNA tests for some reason. Besides determining a genetic makeup and ancestry history, here are other reasons that make sense to get DNA testing:

  • Diagnostic testing: A process to identify a specific condition or disease in an individual
  • Predictive testing: Helps identify the risk of an individual developing any symptoms
  • Carrier testing: A blood test to determine if a person is a carrier of a genetic disorder
  • Prenatal testing: A procedure to identify genetic abnormalities of a fetus
  • Newborn screening: A blood test for screening genetic disorders in a newborn.

Types of DNA Test

DNA test price Philippines varies depending on the type of test. Take a closer look at different DNA test types below, their uses, and their characteristics.

1. Mitochondrial DNA Testing

A mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test is a procedure to trace an individual’s matrilineal ancestry, which means it determines your ancestry from your mother. As the name suggests, it uses the DNA in the mitochondria.

The biological mother’s egg passes mitochondria down to you so it is possible to trace the biological mother using mitochondrial DNA testing. On the other hand, a father does not share his mitochondria.

An mtDNA test can provide supporting evidence that a person is biologically related to you. However, similar to Y-DNA testing, it only traces a sliver of your family

2. Autosomal DNA Testing

Autosomal DNA testing is a comprehensive test that analyzes your DNA from both parents. It identifies the 22 pairs of chromosomes which make up autosomes. These chromosomes bring information that shows biological relatives.

Even this type of DNA test allows you to find your ancestors who lived 500 years ago and your ethnicity, making a comprehensive ancestry DNA test. Thanks to abundant information brought by these chromosomes. DNA test price Philippines for this type might be steep

3. Y DNA for Males Only

Y-DNA testing allows individuals with a Y chromosome to figure out their patrilineal ancestry. This means you can determine ancestry from the male line. However, only half of the population has Y chromosomes and most of them are males. This is why Y-DNA testing is not available for everyone.

A male gets the Y chromosome from the biological father, who got it from his father, and so forth. The main strength of a Y DNA test is that you can trace a male line back thousands of years ago. The passed chromosome gets few changes from generations. 

4. The X Chromosome

This is a part of the autosomal DNA tests. Of the 23 total chromosomes, the 23rd pair is your biological sex. With the X chromosome of a father, a child will be female. On the other hand, a child will be male if a father passes his Y chromosome. This DNA test paternity can be performed before birth

5. Ethnicity Test

An ethnicity test provides you with your ethnicity estimate. Some people may have a long family history in different parts of the world. This test compares your DNA to a list of DNA samples from thousands of people that represent different populations. 

DNA test price Philippines may vary depending on the institutions. However, the results may be inaccurate for some reasons, such as genetic variations, invalid DNA family tree, and non-definitive data of the companies.

How Much Is DNA Test in Philippines

Many hospitals and clinics offer DNA testing services in the Philippines at different rates. The price of DNA testing in the Philippines starts from Php 14,100 depending on several factors, such as service provider, information requested, and type of DNA test.

Here is the list of DNA test price estimations in the Philippines.

Type of DNA testPrice (Php)
Maternity DNA test11,600 – 26,200
Grandparent DNA test17,400 – 29,100
Sibling DNA test17,400 – 29,100
Family reconstruction DNA test17,400 – 29,100

The good news is now the market provides you with an at-home DNA kit that allows you to perform a DNA test at home. It offers a simple and private way to find out your ancestry, ethnicity, or more. But if you need an accurate result then you will want to visit a nearby service provider.

A DNA test conducted by credible hospitals or clinics offers 99 percent accuracy to know biological relatives, genetic makeup, and more. With DNA test price Philippines that varies widely, it is easier to choose a service provider that meets your budget.

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