Dialysis Cost Philippines

Dialysis cost philippines – If you have kidney disease and would require a kidney transplant, or a cure such as a dialysis, then you will perhaps get a recommendation on Dialysis treatment.

This can be done professionally by doctors, however not many hospitals and healthcare providers are available to perform dialysis sessions, and the cost of hemodialysis treatment in the Philippines could vary. 

In this article, we are going to show you the initial costs of Hemodialysis treatment, and the standard procedure in the Philippines, as well as the standard cost covered by your Healthcare and insurance providers that might not cover it. 

When Do You Need Dialysis?

When a person does need dialysis treatment? When the kidney no longer functions as a normal kidney, the human body will start to deteriorate because

Kidney can’t purify the blood, and couldn’t remove any wastes inside the blood.

This means, that the human body would require a manual blood purification procedure, or as we called them Hemodialysis. 

Keep in mind that hemodialysis is a manual procedure to purify and remove any wastes from the blood, the way that a kidney should do it; it is a temporary procedure for people who still didn’t get a kidney donor. 

How Much Dialysis Cost In The Philippines

The prices of standard dialysis procedures :

ProcedureCost Per Session Avarage Cost
HemodialysisPHP 3,000 to PHP 5,000 per sessionPHP 4,000
Peritoneal DialysisPHP 2,000 to PHP 5,000 per sessionPHP 3,000

Keep it in mind that government hospital would tend to have lower prices for each hemodialysis patient, but sometimes would have a limited number. 

Hospital Price
Government hospitalPHP 1,500 to PHP 4,000 per session
Private HospitalsPHP 5,000 to PHP 8,000 per session

Hospital List With Dialysis Service 

Most of the major hospitals in major cities of the Philippines would have dedicated hemodialysis wards that offer their service to those who need assistance in dialysis service.

To be able to easily locate dialysis centers near you, and know their latest price rates, here are some major hospitals listed with their own special dialysis service center. 

Hospital City
Manila Nephrocare Dialysis centerManila
Philippine General HospitalManila
MCU Hospital MakatiMakati
St. Luke’s Medical CenterQuezon City
De Los Santos Medical CenterQuezon City
The Medical CityPasig City
Asian Hospital and Medical CenterAlabang
Cardinal Santos Medical CenterSan Juan City
The Medical City South LuzonLaguna
Davao Doctors HospitalDavao City
Perpetual Succour HospitalCebu City
Chong Hua HospitalCebu City
St. Elizabeth HospitalCebu City
Cagayan de Oro Medical CenterCagayan de Oro City
Baguio General Hospital and Medical CenterBaguio City
San Juan de Dios HospitalPasay City

Ways To Reduce The Price Of Dialysis 

There are some ways that you can reduce the price of each dialysis treatment.

One way is by using the Philhealth card that recently covers any increased coverage for Dialysis treatment, hence every owner of the Philhealth card would get reduced rates of hemodialysis price at the listed hospital or dialysis center near them.

With the latest details, it covers up to 90 days, worth of dialysis at least per patient. See the official website of Philhealth for more details. 

Dialysis Price With Phihealth Discount

The discounted dialysis price Philippines could be at least reach less than Php 2,000 if you have a Philhealth card, and use the services, and Dialysis center that has been listed on your card.

If you have senior citizen cards, the Senior citizen would also enjoy lower price benefits, for at least a discount of up to 20%, however, it all comes down to hospital policies. 

Private Health Insurance Coverage For Dialysis

Private health insurance such as the HMO plans would also cover hemodialysis, and it would depend on your private health insurance account.

Some would pay half the price for each dialysis session, others may also get more discounts depending on their citizenship status, and different type of health cards. 

Dialysis Assistance Programs Offered By Charitable Organizations Or NGOs

To help to assist in reducing, and helping people kidney dialysis costs many charitable organizations held their daily help reducing Dialysis costs, such as dialysis assistance programs, and many more.

Seek further information on how to get one discount for yourself here.

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