Colonoscopy Price Philippines

A colonoscopy is a procedure to check whether there are irritated tissues, swollen or polyps in the rectum or large intestine.

The colonoscopy price is cheaper than other treatments because it is a preventive action. The flexible long tube will enter the rectum to check the condition. 

What are this examination, its importance, and the information about colonoscopy in the hospital? Here is some further information you have to know. 

Colonoscopy Meaning

What is a colonoscopy?

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The colonoscopy test is where you check the rectum in your body. Male and female colonoscopy don’t have differences. The purpose of this examination is to screen for colon cancer, investigate abdominal pain, treat some issues in the belly, and remove the polyps. 

Preparation for Colonoscopy

  • Special diet

The first procedure is having a special diet for the day before the EGD colonoscopy. You shouldn’t have any solid food because it will be hard for the tube to enter the rectum. It is better to have nothing at the midnight before the examination. 

  • Taking laxative

The procedure cannot be sudden because the doctor will tell you to have a laxative. It is a pill or liquid to face the colonoscopy. The laxative is for the day before. 

  • Adjusting medications

The patient might have other medications. The doctor might change your medications a week before the colonoscopy. As the patient, you have to tell truthfully about all medications you currently have.

Colonoscopy Procedure

  • In the procedure room

The first prep for colonoscopy is to wear a gown. Your knees will be on the chest where the doctor and nurse will help the patient. After that, there will be anesthesia to lessen discomfort during the procedure. The pain medication can be additive to the anesthesia. 

  • Tube procedure

After that, the doctor will insert the tube into your rectum. This procedure may take about 30-60 minutes. The doctor might pump air and CO2 to the colon. When the tube moves, the camera on the tip sends the image to the monitor. After that, the procedure finishes. 

Result of Colonoscopy

1.Positive result

The positive result means there is more than one colonoscopy bag at a certain size. The doctor will remove it and check whether the tissue is cancerous or not. If there is colon cancer colonoscopy or the size is too big, you might have to do other colonoscopies.

2.Negative result

If the result is negative, then it means that nothing is abnormal inside the rectum. You don’t need further examination. However, you might need another colonoscopy in the next ten years. The colonoscopy price will be different from what you recently had. 

What Happen After Colonoscopy

  • Bloated

You might feel bloated and it is normal. The tube after a colonoscopy test makes you feel discomfort. You can walk around for minutes to relieve this.

  • Bleeding on bowel movement

It is not alarming because the rectum gets examined during a CT colonoscopy. Unless you feel feverish after that, this bleeding case is not dangerous. It will stop after two days. 

Colonoscopy Price Philippines

The colonoscopy price will depend on which hospital you visit. To know how much is colonoscopy in Philippines, you can check the list of the price below according to the doctor you are going for.

Place of Colonoscopy ProcedurePrice
Government hspital₱7,000-10,000
Private hospital> ₱10,000

Colonoscopy Risks

  • Bleeding

The first risk you might find is bleeding. You might notice it in your poop after the colonoscopy procedure. It is normal because the doctor takes the tissue sample. If it doesn’t stop, you can see the doctor for further examination.

  • Anesthesia reaction

Some patients might find themselves having sleep issues and shaky after a colonoscopy biopsy. It is the side effect of anesthesia. If it is too bad and disturbs your daily life, you can tell the doctor. However, usually, it will be gone in hours.

  • Belly pain

Another reaction you might find after colonoscopy surgery is discomfort in your belly. Since the colonoscopy test uses the tube, your body is not used to it. This risk lasts for two days.


Can you have colonoscopy when you are pregnant?

Colonoscopy is safe for pregnant women. However, it is safer with little risk when pregnant women enter the second trimester. The doctor may not initiate when the pregnancy is still in the first trimester.

Can you have a colonoscopy while you have your period?

The hospital will allow you to have a colonoscopy when you are on your period. If you use a tampon, they won’t tell you to remove it. However, using a pad may have to remove it. Period won’t affect the result. 

What to eat after colonoscopy?

There are no such specialties to eat after a colonoscopy. They might suggest you eat healthy food such as water, juice, electrolyte water, herbal tea, soup, and crackers.

How long does a colonoscopy take including recovery?

It doesn’t take much time. The procedure itself only takes about 30-60 minutes. With the recovery, a colonoscopy only takes about 3 hours.

Where does the tube go in a colonoscopy?

The tube for the colonoscopy procedure goes to the rectum. The tube is long and flexible, so it won’t hurt the patien

Are there alternative to colonscopies?

There is a procedure called sigmoidoscopy. It is less invasive because it is a sample screening.

The colonoscopy price in the Philippines is very affordable. Women and men should check the possibility of having polyps or cancer with this examination. You can do this test in many hospitals available in the Philippines.


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