CBC Test Price Philippines

CBC Test Price Doing a blood test is one way that many people who suffer from the disease do to find out for sure what disease they are suffering from.

In the Philippines, you could say this is one of the most commonly known and popular methods of laboratory testing.

When you see a doctor to consult your health problem, the doctor will ask you to look for a blood test service with the cheapest and most affordable CBC blood test price offer.

Purpose of CBC Test 

Our bodies may not be in good shape.

Sometimes we don’t realize that something is worsening our body’s condition as a result of uncontrolled food consumption and an unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes we suddenly feel pain without any signs beforehand.

Seeing this kind of thing, a blood test is of course needed to be able to identify health problems by using human blood as a research variable and can detect diseases or health problems as a whole.

The blood test will require some equipment and also certain chemicals that the doctor thinks will be needed according to the test parameters desired by the patient.

A complete blood count or CBC method is a blood test used to determine the balance of red and white blood cells in your body.

This is also used to measure whether hemoglobin and platelets, hematocrit are at good and normal levels.

CBC Test Price /Cost In Philippines

How much CBC test cost?

You might be curious about the price you need to pay to be able to do a CBC blood test. The price of doing a CBC test is from Php 120 to Php 250 and it could be more. The fee will also give you a report on the results of your platelet test.

Private Hospital Packages

Not like a public hospitals, diagnostic centers and private hospitals can also provide blood tests with different parameters or methods for patients.

You can just find out the private health center that provides services for carrying out blood tests closest to the area where you live. T

he most important thing is that you can find a private hospital that is credible and can give you a test result that is correct and reliable.

Public Hospital Package

It is commonly known that public or government-owned hospitals will have laboratory facilities specifically used to carry out blood tests.

This public health center will certainly provide equipment that will provide accurate and reliable test results. You can also easily ask what types of services you might be able to get, from the simplest to the most complex and vary in price range according to your abilities and needs.

Maybe you can also find a case where there are blood test results that are mixed up and show wrong results, for example there is a patient who has a serious illness and takes a blood test, but due to negligence at work the hospital gives wrong results to the person who is taking it wrong. Then it is a fatal thing. So you need to be careful to avoid this.

Factors that Affect CBC Test Prices in the Philippines

It depends on the need for a diagnosis or the health parameters you want to know from the results of a blood test using the CBC method.

The cost will be higher with CBC blood test cost without insurance. You may be able to ask the hospital, whether you can use insurance to get a cheaper and more affordable price.

Try to find out in detail about the price of each test that you might need.

You can compare prices from each of the closest hospitals and look for the cheapest and most affordable one, as long as it can provide accurate and good test results.

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