CAS Ultrasound Price

CAS ultrasound price – CAS ultrasound scan, or Congenital Anomaly Scan, is a procedure that lets parents scan for any abnormality in the fetus’s growth, and the mother can request the CAS abdominal ultrasound scan as many times as they wish during pregnancy.

The CAS itself is pretty important to monitor the baby’s growth, and ensure that there is no growth abnormality during pregnancy and the cost of cas per part.

In this article, we are going to give you a review of the costs of an Obstetric Ultrasound (prenatal) scan, as well as the cost for each CAS in the Philippines, as well as how to get a reduced price for each of them. 

When To Do Cas Ultrasound

The CAS scan sometimes would be done around 20 to 22 weeks of pregnancy.

That’s why it was called 20-week scanning. Sometimes, the scan could also be done as early as 18 weeks, depending on the parents themselves. 

How Much Is A Congenital Anomaly Scan In The Philippines

A congenital anomaly scan can be requested from your doctors, and this scan would help to identify and maintain any abnormalities that could be found on the baby during pregnancy.

You can see the rate for each CAS scan in the Philippines, depending on each hospital’s rate, especially in big cities such as Quezon, and Manila. 

The estimated price range for both CAS ultrasound and Pelvic ultrasound can cost around Php 4,000 in clinics and could cost around Php 10,000 and more in private hospitals.

The CAS scan estimated price could vary depending on the type of scan parents choose, and whether the scan would also include extra such as with the 3D ultrasound, 2D, or with the OB report. 

Ways To Reduce The Cost Of CAS Ultrasound 

There are a few ways that you can use to reduce the cost of CAS ultrasound, such as using Philhealth insurance, other healthcare coverage, as well as private health insurance.

However, not all of them would cover the CAS ultrasound scan, and would only cover the most basic of care and scan.

That’s why you need to see how many covers you can get on your cards.

An example is the HMO coverage that is available in a few cases, which would include CAS coverage.

Another type of coverage and way to reduce the cost of the CAS ultrasound can be listed here:

1.Phihealth Coverage For CAS Ultrasound 

The CAS scan itself might not be covered through Philhealth, and it is also best to see for the cheapest CAS or another type of ultrasound scan such as with the breast ultrasound which would cost around 500 Php to around 1,000 Php per scan on the clinic. 

2.Private Health Insurance Coverage For CAS Ultrasound

Private health insurance such as with HMO coverage may or may not cover the CAS scan, depending on the card, and insurance package that you have chosen.

Basically, you will need to contact your insurance provider to see which type of pregnancies, and baby insurance you got, and see whether it would also cover CAS or not. 

3.Charitable Organizations 

Look out for charitable organizations that aimed to help reduce the cost of pregnancies, as well as help parents to deliver their babies safe and sound, without burdening too much on their cost.

They would also sometimes help on the CAS scan, as well as other abnormalities scan. 

Hospital List With CAS Ultrasound

Here is a list of hospitals in the Philippines that offer Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS) Ultrasound:

  • The Medical City
  • Makati Medical Center
  • St. Luke’s Medical Center
  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center
  • The Philippine Children’s Medical Center
  • Manila Doctors Hospital
  • Cardinal Santos Medical Center
  • Qualimed Hospital Naga
  • Metropolitan Medical Center
  • Fatima University Medical Center

When CAS Ultrasound Release Of Results

Depending on the hospital, or type of scan, such as with the Thyroid ultrasound the CAS result in itself would be released about 3 days after scans, but sometimes can take up to at least a whole week to release its result. 

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