Bone Scan Price

Do you need bone scan price ? You will find many hospitals in the Philippines will give you a price quote for this service and the priority is cancer patients.

You can find out costs collectively and help you to be able to do budget planning.

This is known as a medical procedure that is carried out to be able to find whether there are traces of cancer that has spread massively in the bone area.

As a test that is considered independent, this test can be used to identify whether any changes that occur in the bones are caused by various medical conditions.

Types of Bone Scan

1.Central DEXA

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, often known as central DEXA, is a technique for calculating bone density.

The density of the bones in the spine and hip, which are the most often affected areas by osteoporotic fractures, is measured using a low-dose X-ray. The gold standard for assessing bone density is central DEXA.

2.Peripheral DEXA (p-DEXA)

Another way to evaluate bone density is using peripheral DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry), which examines bone density in peripheral areas of the body rather than the spine and hip like central DEXA does.

These areas include the wrist, finger, heel, and forearm.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Bone Scan 

There are several factors that can influence the cost of a bone scan:

  • Location

The cost of a bone scan can vary depending on where it is performed. The cost may be higher in larger cities or in private hospitals compared to smaller cities or public hospitals.

  • Type of scan

Different types of bone scans, can have different costs.

  • Equipment used

The cost of the bone scan can be influenced by the type of equipment used for the scan.

Some newer and more advanced equipment may result in higher costs.

  • Radiology Technician’s fee

The fee charged by the radiology technician can also affect the overall cost of the bone scan.

Bone Scan Price List

The price to be able to do a bone scan in the Philippines is from Php 4,500 to Php 10,000. Here is also the price in Batangas :

Mary Mediatrix Medical CenterP8000 
Asian Hospital Medical CenterP7000
Medix Medical CenterP6500

Options for Affordable Bone Scan 

There are many companies that provide free bone scans to people with conditions. For those of you who have been given a referral or prescription from a doctor, you can do that too.

1.Philhealth Coverage for Bone Scan

You should know the coverage regarding bone scans that go into Philhealth. Generally tests that are special and diagnostic will not enter. Just use it to rent a room and stay at the hospital.

2.Senior Citizen Discount

Many hospitals that do offer elderly patients only need an ID for their age and you only need to confirm the actual cost when doing the screening to know what the deductible is.

3.PWD Price Rates

For those of you who have special needs and want to do a bone scan at the hospital, you also only need to show your PWD ID to get a discount.

4.Government Hospitals

Government-run hospitals in the Philippines generally offer lower-priced medical services, including bone scans

Hospitals List With Bone Scan Service

Lots of nearby hospitals have bone scan services for you. You just ask about the latest prices and also what facilities can be obtained. Certain facilities will offer affordable and attractive prices.

  • Muntinforgot
  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center
  • Quezon City
  • Capitol Medical Center
  • Iscan Quezon City branch

Note: Contact the hospital for details on the offer.

The price of having a bone scan or bone density scan at Iscan institutions starts from Php 4,500.

Contact the facility for price updates.

Do not let you not do any preparation, starting from conducting surveys and finding what services are most likely to be obtained at a certain price range.

Then can the doctor who serves you also be trusted and provide very clear information.

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