Antitetanos Vaccine Price

Antitetanos Vaccine Price – For those of you who seem to have dirty wounds, it is advisable to get an anti-tetanus vaccine which is very important to prevent the spread of infection.

The cost of doing a renewed injection is relatively cheap and can protect you from tetanus for at least 2 to 10 years.

Such vaccines can usually be obtained at very affordable prices. Most hospitals will let you into the emergency room if you want to get this injection, which is known as tannin toxoid.

You can also give a kind of antitoxin injection as an initial treatment for the wound. This is the price you might be able to get if you wanted to have it done at a hospital in Quezon City.

Price of antitetanos vaccine is around Php 140 to Php 600 and it depends on which hospital you choose.

You need to know that these prices are the most recent and there may be price changes without prior notification.

This vaccine may be available at a hospital or a diagnostic center of the type you can find. Please ask for prices and offers to do this injection at the nearest hospital.

Who Should Not Get a Tetanus Shot?

Actually, if you don’t get treatment right away, it can cause the muscles to experience very large contractions that can cause breathing problems, pain when swallowing, and other complications.

The incubation period is usually around 10 days or more according to most opinions.

If you enter the emergency room to be able to get this tetanus service, there will usually be an additional fee for the emergency room, because the emergency room has fees for using the emergency room, costs for conducting consultations, and other costs such as cotton swabs, pads with gauze, and the use of syringes.

Antitetanos Vaccine Pricelist 

The cost of an antitetanos vaccine can vary depending on the location, type of vaccine, and the patient’s insurance coverage.

The tetanus vaccine is typically given as part of a combination vaccine called the tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine, which also protects against diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough).

In the Philippines, tetanus vaccine is given for free in government health centers. However, the cost of the Tdap vaccine in private clinics or hospitals can vary, and can range from a few hundred pesos to over a thousand pesos per dose.

You can ask the hospitals or the clinic to ask about tetanus toxoid price Philippines, also the tetanus shot price Philippines.

Senior Citizen Discount

For the age of entering seniors, there is a discount that you can use. In order for you to receive a lower price, all you need to do is carry your ID with you to show that you are of old age.

Some government owned hospitals will offer free tetanus injections. However, it depends on a local program they have for their community.

List of Hospitals To Get Antitetanos Vaccine

You will be able to easily find tetanus vaccine injection suits in many hospitals and diagnostic centers. You can also find a vaccine at the nearest clinic in your area and get an injection right away.

  • MCU Hospital
  • Caloocan Hospital
  • Las Piñas
  • Quezon City
  • Perpetual Help Medical Center
  • Bernardino General Hospital
  • Capitol Medical Center
  • De Los Santos Medical Center
  • FEU Hospital
  • Fairview General Hospital
  • Fatima University Medical Center
  • St. Luke Medical Center
  • Makati Medical Center (Makatimed)
  • Manila Doctors Hospital
  • Manilamed
  • Ospital ng Maynila
  • PGH
  • UDMC
  • Santo Tomas University Hospital
  • Marikina Valley Medical Center
  • Muntin forgot
  • Alabang Medical Center
  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center
  • Cebu Doctor Hospital
  • Diagnostic Center and Clinic

You can find many diagnostic centers that will offer anti-tetanus injections for their patients. Here are some examples of clinics with popular names that you can choose too, including:

  • Hi Precision
  • On
  • ACE Diagnostics

If you look at the patient’s medical records, giving tetanus injections can also provide antitoxin as well as tetanus toxoid.

If you want to know whether both are needed, or you want to know about how much is anti tetanus, please contact your doctor, or the information center at your nearby hospitals.

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