Episode 25: Liberalism and Morality: Capitalism and Christian Values

Episode #025
(20:32 min 18.7MB)

The final part of this installment has Fr. Robert Sirico touching upon the correlation between business ethics and corruption. He explains that personal corruption is one reality, but that it is institutional corruption which forces the lack of business ethics. This occurs when the political apparatus extends into the private sphere.

Fr. Sirico elaborates on the Church’s teaching of subsidiarity which states that needs are best met at the local level. Individuals have the responsibility to address their own needs. It is only when individuals are not able to accomplish this, that they must look towards the next level on the ladder of social organization. The highest level (the state) should only intervene when there is great need, and this intervention should only be temporary. As a result, limiting bureaucratic interference in the private arena would reduce corruption and make society more efficient.

The music is provided by Dieter Bachmann.




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