Cost of Radiation Therapy Philippines

Cost of Radiation Therapy in the Philippines – Therapy using radiation methods is a type of treatment for cancer that utilizes a beam of very strong energy and is used to kill many cancer cells.

The most widely used type of radiation therapy is using X-rays, but not only that, using protons and other types of energy with a high degree of compatibility can also be used

Medical facilities or a hospital will usually provide price options according to the session or according to the type of action.

Do you want to know about the radiation therapy cost Philippines?

The price for getting radiation therapy in the Philippines starts from Php 3,000 per session and the type of cancer will also determine. Some radiotherapy may charge per case starting from Php 100,000.

Radiation Therapy Types

Each type of therapy will specifically target certain types of cancer. Lots of hospitals that provide various types of therapy available:

  • Conventional method of radiation therapy
  • SBRT
  • Radiation Therapy using Conformal Three Dimensional model or with 3DCRT Intensity
  • Radiation therapy using Modulation or IMRT

Radiation Therapy Cost Per Session in Philippines

Magkano ang radiation therapy. PhilHealth will provide several packages that are very useful and you can choose for radiation therapy:

ProceduresPrice per case
Radiotherapy therapyP3,000.00
Chemoradiation therapy using cobalt and also brachytherapy which has a low dose for cancer in the cervical area with stages IA1, IA2 – IIA1P 120,000.00
Chemoradiation therapy using a linear model accelerator and high-dose brachytherapy for complaints of cervical cancerP 175,000.00
Radiotherapy with a linear model accelerator for stage II-III rectal area cancerP 400,000
Radiation therapy for breast cancer with stage 0 to III-AP 100,000.00
Low to medium risk prostate cancer treatmentP 100,000.00

Hospital in the Philippines with Radiation Therapy

It is very important to determine which hospital you are going to and know about how much is radiation therapy in the Philippines.

Many hospitals will quote the best and most reasonable rates. You can ask the price for each session if you want.

Metro Manila

  • Makati Medical Center
  • St. Luke
  • Philippine Lung Center
  • Perpetual Help Medical Center: 88748515


  • Davao Doctors Hospital
  • Goverment hospital
  • Cagayan Valley Medical Center in Tuguegarao, Cagayan
  • Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center
  • Dragon City Bicol Medical Center
  • Philippine Lung Center
  • Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City
  • Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City
  • Zamboanga City Medical Center

There are helpful details available in hospitals that provide cancer therapy. Cancer centers do work together to be able to provide services for those who need appropriate therapy.

This kind of medical therapy is something that is really needed by many people because nowadays this kind of disease is spreading more and more and it is also affecting many people closest to them.

Even in some cases someone who gets cancer is a person who has a poor economic condition, therefore it would be very helpful if the hospital provides a lot of relief, discounts or provides insurance for this kind of action.

You also as a patient need to learn a lot and find out about several hospitals or health services that provide this kind of therapy service, and compare prices that best suit your needs and are also the most affordable and don’t harm you in the future because there are bills that are out of agreement .

Many do a lot of consultations with doctors or related experts so that children are more vigilant.

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