Diamond Peel Price Philippines

Are you interested in finding a cheap diamond peel price philippines ? You can also compare prices and quality of services at the nearest skin clinic.

At some skin clinics you can find several discounts for this type of service package.

You need to know that the prices and types of services for diamond peels vary greatly and it depends on each beauty service or clinic that provides this service.

You can be spoiled for choice with some very attractive pricing options and most of the offers are for 10 sessions with a variety of interesting additional services to try out. 

If you are lucky, you can also find a clinic that provides mask services, provides light therapy services using lasers, and other services that you can enjoy after completing your diamond peel.

You will find the benefits of a diamond peel such as having a smoother skin, brighter jai skin, whiter face, and reducing the condition of skin pores, disappearing acne scars on your face. You can also ask for advice from a doctor to determine what type of action or service is suitable for your skin condition.

Age Requirement for Diamond Peel

You can get diamond peel services regardless of your current age. But doctors still give you limits for teenagers to adults until you can get this kind of service. So it would be better if you consult and talk with your doctor to be able to find wise steps.

How much is diamond peel Philippines?

You can find diamond peel prices in the Philippines for around Php 500 to Php 2500 for each session including services to facial your face. The high and low prices will be determined by special promos and discounts.

Diamond Peel Price List in Skin Clinics

Skin clinics have several low prices for diamond peel procedures. You can use it to get actions per service and per package. The price you can find is Php 550 and above.

  • Luz Facial Treatment Clinic
  • Manny’s Clinic and Pie Calayan

There are many beauty clinics that provide cheap and affordable offers.

These include Skinfinity and Body Spa which are located in Fort Bonifacio and are available in most branches of Luxe Dermcare using the Metrodeal promo.

Existing packages can make you save by still getting standard diamond peel services, and of course that is a happy moment for you..

The price for a diamond peel procedure in the Philippines is Php 500 to Php 2500 for each session including facial cleaning services.

Promos and Discounts

You can get promos and discounts in the form of service packages. You can pay as little as 3,000 pesos for 6 procedures at some clinics.

Meaning the price is Php 500 per session. It will be very easy for you to find a service that is very profitable but offered at a very friendly price and you can also do it regularly for several months without having to feel difficult about the cost.

There’s also a rule where you can get 1 free action after 5 actions, you’d be hard pressed to find a diamond peel tool to do this at home, so this kind of offer would be perfect for you.

The costs incurred after getting lots of discounts and promos will be more profitable and the results are also more guaranteed than having to do it yourself without visible results. 

Keep learning and always take care of yourself at home by diligently washing your face and doing other treatments related to beauty.

Consult with an expert to find out what kind of food and lifestyle will naturally support your beauty and make the diamond peel results maximal and far from disappointing.

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