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Tattoo removal price – The process of removing tattoos that are already attached to the skin but are no longer wanted is called tattoo removal.

Because tattoos are permanent, this method is much sought after by people who want to remove tattoos from their bodies.

having tattoos on the body can hinder many activities that someone wants to do, for example in a career.

Many types of jobs do not want their employees to have tattoos on their bodies. Then how much to remove a tattoo?

Actually the price of tattoo removal depends on the on the number of treatment sessions and the area. For example the tattoo removal price Cebu will differ from other areas.

Factors That Affect Tattoo Removal Cost In The Philippines

Apart from the place or clinic you choose, how much for tattoo removal is determined by several factors.

So please do a consultation and offer the right price at the place where you remove the tattoo.

  • Number of Treatments

Some types of tattoos may require a higher number of treatments rather than completely disappearing from your body. So, the more treatments you need, the more money you have to spend.

  • Kirby-Desai Scale Score

The Kirby-Desai scale determines the best way a technician can remove your tattoo. It provides several details of the tattoo you have, from the coloration of the tattoo to the amount of scar tissue, including the physical location of the tattoo. The price will be more expensive if the Kirby-Desai Scale score is also high.

  • The Size of Tattoo

Makes sense that a larger tattoo will cost more.

Because it is possible that tattoo removal is not enough to do in one session, but it can be done in several treatment sessions.

Not only size, color will also affect the price of tattoo removal. For example, a large tattoo in black and white will be cheaper than one with multiple colors.

  • The Kind of Skin

Differences in skin color also affect how much money is needed to remove tattoos. For example, tattoos drawn on lighter skin are easier to remove than tattoos on darker culottes. Because of this level of difficulty, removing tattoos on dark skin is more expensive.

  • Methods Used To Remove Tattoos

There are many ways to remove tattoos, the most common and easiest is to use a laser. Besides being easy, lasers are less painful, effective, and of course inexpensive. You can ask the tattoo removal clinic directly about tattoo removal laser price.

Average Price Range For Tattoo Removal In The Philippines

Several tattoo removal places in the Philippines have different prices.

The price is also determined by the factors described in the previous point, especially the method used to remove tattoos.

For example, the laser tattoo removal price Philippines will be different from the tattoo removal cream Philippines price.

But in general, tattoo removal prices in the Philippines range from ₱2,000 to ₱7,000.

Comparison Of Prices Between Different Clinics

As a reference, we provide a list of skin centers and hospitals that provide tattoo removal services.

To find out how much you are spending, especially laser tatoo removal cost which is not too expensive, please contact these places directly.

  • Skin Clinic

Skin clinics may be considered for you to get tattoo removal treatment in the Philippines. These clinics include:

  1. Shinagawa Skin Clinic
  2. Belo Skin Clinic

Based on available information, the latest price for tattoo removal at Belo Skin Clinic is around ₱9,500 per session.

  • Hospital

There are not too many hospitals in the Philippines that serve tattoo removal, but some include:

  1. St. Luke’s Medical Center
  2. Makati Medical Center

After getting information about prices from these places, you might be able to determine which one is the most suitable and friendly in your pocket.

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