ST Luke’s Price List Philippines

Before looking for the latest ST Luke’s price list Philippines, it is crucial to know more about the medical center.

St. Luke’s is a medical facility that is a private non-profit institution with its headquarters in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

If you need to visit the hospital and you need some details about ST Luke’s price list Philippines, you’ll find what you need below.

Various Facilites of ST Luke’s

There are various facilities you’ll find in the SLMC.

  1. Hospitals

Before checking the latest ST Luke’s price list Philippines, note that this medical center offers to hospitals.

One of them is in Quezon City while another one is at the Bonifacio Global City.

  1. Extension clinic

SLMC also has an extension clinic you can find in Ermita, Manila.

This clinic was built for patients who are looking for medical examination requirements for Visa applications for New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the US.

  1. College

When you try to call ST Luke’s contact number, you may figure out that the medical center located in Quezon City is serving as the Trinity University of Asia’s hospital.

This university is the first university of protestant Episcopalian in Asia.

You can use the contact details above to get the latest ST Luke’s price list Philippines before making an appointment with the facility.

ST Luke’s Price List Philippines

Whether you are going to visit St. Luke’s facility in Quezon City or you need to visit ST Luke’s Medical Center Global City, make sure that you check its latest price list below.

You can also get the latest price list by asking for an inquiry from each brand of St. Luke’s facilities.

ServicesEstimated Cost
Check-up consultationBetween ₱500 and ₱1,000
NCV Nerve TestAround ₱5,000
EMG TestStarts from ₱5,905
Remove Cerclage Suture₱7,113
TRMT of miscarriage in 2nd trimester₱7,113
TRMT of miscarriage at 1st trimester₱7,113
Cervical dilation drug₱777
Repair artery aneurysm forearm₱11,000
Repair blood vessel lesions in the upper extremity₱6,500
Repair blood vessels with graft₱6,500
Removal of a clot in graft₱11,000
Thrombin injection₱1,500
Injection proc venography₱2,100
Introduction catheter-aorta₱3,000
Transfusion service₱2,000
Injection for CVAD evaluation₱1,000
Arterial puncture₱500
Intraosseous IV₱700
Revise intrahepatic shunt₱10,000
Revision of major vein₱6,500
Revise leg vein₱6,500
X-ray eye₱16,500
X-ray skull 3 view₱22,000
X-ray head with contrast₱91,500
X-ray of the neck (soft tissue)₱16,500
CT scan soft tissue next with contrast₱91,500
CT scan ear with contrast₱91,500
MRI chest with contrast₱382,000
MRI of the cervical spine with contrast₱163,000
MRI thoracic spine with contrast₱163,000

Those are just the estimated ST Luke’s price list Philippines.

To get the more accurate price of each service you need from the medical center, call the hospital and ask for the latest price list for all services.

Contact Number of ST Luke’s

If you need more details about the contact number of St. Luke’s facilities, check out the official website of St. Luke’s here.

Or simply take a look at the details below.

LocationsContact Numbers
Medical Center in Quezon City+63287230101
Medical Center in Global City+63287897700
Medical Center Extension Clinic+63285210020 or +63285218647

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