Sperm Analysis Cost Philippines

The sperm analysis cost Philippines only starts from ₱140. Patients can have this test at public and private medical providers.

Sperm analysis or semen analysis is one of the common procedures in a fertility test couples have when trying to have babies.

The sperm analysis cost Philippines is affordable. Moreover, it is a painless and non-invasive procedure.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about its cost and procedure.

However, you should know more about it before having this procedure.

What is sperm analysis?

It is a test to evaluate sperm motility, sperm shape, and sperm count of a semen sample. Some medical professionals often refer to this test as a sperm count test.

The purpose of semenalysis is to assess male fertility.

Why Undergo Sperm Analysis

Why some men must have sperm tests and others not?

There are two reasons why men must have it.

  1. Male Infertility: Male infertility contributes to over 30% of infertility cases in the world. Infertility is the incapability of conceiving a baby after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Therefore, those who experience it must have sperm analysis. 
  1. Vasectomy Follow-Up: Sperm analysis is a part of the vasectomy follow-up procedure. This test helps doctors determine whether the patient’s vasectomy procedure is successful. Those with successful vasectomies will have zero sperm count in their sperm sample.

How To Prepare for Sperm Analysis

To conduct a sperm analysis, a doctor needs a sperm sample from the patient. The doctor will give particular instructions for the patient to follow before the sample is collected.

Below are several things that patients must do to prepare for this test.

  • Patients must not have sexual intercourse or ejaculate 2 to 5 days before the sample-collecting process.
  • They should not use lubricants when gathering sperm samples.
  • Patients must avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks and marijuana for several days before the sperm analysis.
  • They must be healthy and fit when gathering the sperm sample.
  • Before providing the sperm sample, patients should tell their doctors about the drugs or herbal supplements they take.
  • Patients must be ready to provide other samples because sometimes doctors may need to conduct three separate sperm analyses in three weeks to get accurate test results. Consequently, patients must also be ready to pay a higher sperm analysis cost Philippines.

Sperm Analysis Cost Philippines

Where to get a sperm test? To find hospitals, labs, or fertility clinics that offer sperm test services in the Philippines, you can google sperm analysis near me.

Don’t forget to ask how much the sperm analysis cost Philippines before making an appointment.

The cost of a sperm analysis procedure in public hospitals is more affordable than that in private hospitals. Moreover, the method of taking the sample may affect the sperm analysis cost Philippines. 

Those who want to take the sample at home may need to pay more for the special condom used for collecting the sample. The price list of sperm analysis services is as follows.

Type of Hospitals/ProductsPrice
Public hospitalsStarts from ₱140 to ₱510
Private hospitalsStarts from ₱510 to ₱1000
Blue Cross Sperm Count Test Kit – Rapid Home ScreeningStarts From ₱355

Sperm Analysis Test Results

The sperm analysis result will be ready a few days after the sample is collected.

Doctors will consider the results normal if a sperm sample has normal sperm count to get pregnant. In other words, a one-milliliter semen sample must contain at least 15 million sperm.

Moreover, normal semen has more than 50% active sperm and more than 4% of normal-shaped sperm.

Doctors may perform other male fertility tests on patients with abnormal sperm analysis result to get more info on the patients’ fertility conditions.

FAQs Sperm Analysis

Below are several FAQs about sperm analysis.

How is Sperm Analysis Conducted?

Patients must provide the sperm sample and submit it to the doctors or lab technicians to be analyzed

How Does a Sperm Analysis Work?

Lab technicians will place a milliliter of sperm sample under a microscope and examine it

What Does the Analysis Look at?

This analysis examines sperm count, shape, and motility. It also checks for semen Ph, seminal fructose levels, and liquefaction

How Do I Prepare for a Sperm Analysis if it’s Used for Fertility Testing?

You must avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, smoking, and ejaculation at least 2 days before the analysis

How Do I Provide a Sperm Sample to Check Fertility?

The sperm analysis procedure requires patients to ejaculate into a special cup or a special condom

What Happens During a Sperm Analysis?

During the analysis, patients must masturbate in a private room or have sexual intercourse at home and collect the sperm sample. If they collect the sample at home, they must bring it to the lab as soon as possible.

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