Panoramic Xray Price in Philippines Clinics 2023

Panoramic Xray price philippines – One important thing that distinguishes a health center that has a good dental polyclinic from other health centers is the willingness to use the latest and most advanced technology for dental care. One such technology is panoramic x-ray.

Panoramic X-Ray is a machine used for supporting examinations used in dentistry in the form of X-rays.

This oral and dental examination aims to see further and clearly describe the teeth and the surrounding soft tissue.

Panoramic examination, which helps doctors to diagnose disease, is carried out by dentists or surgeons. This examination will later provide information about the maxillary sinuses, the position of the teeth, and bone abnormalities in the mouth area.

Why Use A Panoramic Xray?

Panoramic Xray which consists of several types, is generally carried out for:

  • Look for problems in the mouth. For example, tooth decay, damage to the bones that support the teeth, and other dental injuries. Dental X-rays are generally used to detect early problems that exist in the teeth and mouth.
  • Look for teeth that are not standing where they should be or cannot grow out of the gums. In addition, dental X-rays are also used to investigate the position of teeth that are too crowded and close to each other.
  • Checking the location of permanent teeth that grow in the jaws of children who still have milk teeth.
  • Finding cysts, tumors, or abscesses.

Because dental examinations use panoramic technology, x ray for teeth price Philippines can be more expensive than regular dental examinations.

Panoramic Dental Xray Clinic in Philippines 

There are many dental clinics in the Philippines providing panoramic dental xray treatments.

For panoramic Xray price Phiippines, it’s around ₱700 to ₱1500, it all depends on where you do the treatment, clinic or hospitals.

Prices may even differ based on age, usually the price for dental care for children is more expensive than for adults.

The following is a list of dental clinics in the Philippines that you can visit along with their addresses.

R&L Ponti Dental and Diagnostic CenterPasig City, Philippines
Dwell Dental Wellness PhilippinesDagupan City, Philippines
Doctors Ocariza Dental ClinicValenzuela City, Philippines
Dorotheo Dental and Diagnostic Center, Mollino ClinicLas Piñas City, Philippines
Cebu Dental Implants-Orofacial Pain & TMJD CenterCebu city, Philippines
Asian Sun Dental Clinic ManilaQuezon City, Philippines
Cebu Dental Care CenterCebu City, Philippines 
Hi-Precision Diagnostics – Osmena CebuCebu City, Philippines

How Much Is Panoramic Dental X Ray In Philippines

According to the list of Panoramic Dental X ray clinics in the Philippines, the Panoramic Xray price PH certainly has differences.

For further details, see the following price list.

R&L Ponti Dental and Diagnostic Center₱1,000
Dwell Dental Wellness Philippines₱800 – ₱900
Doctors Ocariza Dental Clinic₱650
Dorotheo Dental and Diagnostic Center, Mollino Clinicask for price
Cebu Dental Implants-Orofacial Pain & TMJD Centerask for price
Asian Sun Dental Clinic Manilaask for price
Cebu Dental Care Centerask for price
Hi-Precision Diagnostics – Osmena Cebuask for price

Some clinics on the list do not include exact prices, you can directly contact the clinic to find out prices.

Then, periapical x ray cost Philippines may be more expensive because this type of examination is carried out thoroughly on the teeth to get images of the teeth down to the roots.

This right aims to be able to detect abnormalities in the root structure and surrounding bones.

Ways To Save Money On Panoramic X-Ray

To get a lower x ray for teeth price Philippines, you can see the discounts being provided by the dental panoramic xray clinic.

You may also be able to use a health card such as an HMO, but because it is not certain that the institution can cover it, you can ask your destination clinic first.

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