Medical Certificate Price

The medical certificate price is free to get, yet it should pass the requirements of the healthcare providers. Check how to be eligible to get it

Purposes of the Medical Certificate

  • The form of clarification

Someone can clarify their health condition with a medical certificate. It is a legal document and they have the right as per agreement with the second party after showing the document.

For example, someone clarifies that he or she is free from TB and it passes the requirement to get a visa.

  • Attachment for absence

If you can attend work or school, you have to send a letter of absence to get permission.

The medical certificate can be attached as proof that you are unable to attend.

However, the medical certificate price for this is free, yet you have to be under examination by a healthcare provider before.

  • Permitted to fly

Flying needs a medical certificate if the passenger has some issues with their health.

The medical certificate will issue that the passenger is eligible and fits to fly.

You might need the certificate in English if the airline is international. The medical certificate cost for this purpose varies.

Uses of Medical Certificates

  • Obtaining health benefits

Some employees will give health benefits to the employees if they are eligible and proved that they suffer from certain illnesses or disabilities.

With the certificate, the employee gets their right and the employees have their proof to give the benefits for them.

  • Legal procedures

Some legal procedures should involve people with a certain level of wellness.

If they don’t reach that level, they are not eligible to do the procedures.

This is what a medical certificate in Philippines is important in general because it helps people to get permission.

  • Getting insurance

The health insurance should have firm proof that the client has a particular condition to easily get the policies.

Some health insurance might not give their policies if the client has already had some bad cases of illness.

Medical certificate price for this purpose might be more expensive than the others.

How To Get A Medical Certificate

Obtaining a medical certificate is not as easy as you think. Medical certificate price can be free, yet they should be based on the facts about the patient’s condition.

The patient requires a consultation with the doctor before getting a particular certificate for themselves.

The medical statement is valid when it is issued by a legal provider. The patient only can get the certificate after request.

The validation period of the medical certificate cost Philippines cannot be bought because it will depend on the patient’s condition during the consultation.

Medical Certificate Price Philippines

The difference of price depends on the healthcare provider. Here is the price list:

Healthcare ProviderPrice
General hospital₱ 50-100
Private doctor₱ 100-250

Where to Get a Medical Certificate

The only place to get a medical certificate is at a hospital or clinic. Both places have a Doctor of Healthcare practitioners who have full right to issue the medical certificate.

They also have to be registered, so the medical certificate status is legal. The medical certificate price is free after consultation.

FAQs Medical Certificate

What Information Should Be Included in the Medical Certificate?

-The information about the practitioner who issued the certificate, including name and address.
-The date and signature of the practitioner when the certificate is issued.
-The date of examination.
-The patient’s condition.
-Certificate of evidence that the patient is in a particular illness.

Who is Allowed to Issue a Medical Certificate?

Only a medical practitioner can issue a medical certificate. What Are The Requirements For a Medical Certificate?

The basic requirement for the medical certificate is the signature from the practitioner and the party who issues the certificate.

Only healthcare providers after examination can issue this medical certificate Philippines. The document should be original in a form of a hard copy

How Can I Get a Medical Certificate Online?

Yes, you can get it online. However, you should be able to prove that you have a condition problem that fits the requirement of the permission.

The online medical certificate price Philippines may vary

How Many Days is a Medical Certificate Valid?

The valid period of a medical certificate can be different. If the purpose is to leave work and school, the maximum is for a week.

Meanwhile, for clarification, it can be for two years

Can I Get a Medical Certificate For Sick Leave For Stress?

Stress issue is a problem for some people to do their daily tasks.

You can get a medical certificate because of the stress, yet it is issued with a stress diagnosis by the doctor or psychiatrist.

The medical certificate price is free for short period.

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