Blood Type Price List in Philippines

Blood Type Price List in Philippines – Patients need blood transfusions, especially with certain health conditions.

Therefore, every country has a blood bank that is trusted and easy to find.

One of them is in the Philippines, you can find a blood bank easily and the price is quite affordable.

The need for blood transfusions is sometimes unpredictable, especially under certain conditions.

You need a blood bank with the best service and can be obtained at a more affordable price.

Crossmatching of Blood Types

A blood bank is a facility that will help you buy and donate blood. Many people wish to donate their blood and contact the blood bank for the complete procedure.

Before you buy, you should first understand the crossmatching of blood types. Blood banks provide various types of blood types, but you can only buy one that suits your needs.

For example, if you have blood type A+, then you can only accept blood donors with groups A+, A-, O+, or O-. In addition, you cannot accept other blood types and professional staff will help you get the blood bag you need.

Pricelist of Blood Types

The Philippine blood center provides different prices per bag of blood. Here, you can get blood bags from ₱700 to ₱2,000. This price is based on the blood bank you choose.

The more difficult the blood type needed, the higher the price. In addition, what determines the price of the blood bag is the hospital itself. If a lot of blood bags suit your needs, then you can get them at a lower price.

Apart from hospitals, you can also get blood bags from other organizations that donate for free. However, this also looks at the blood type you need.

Additional Price

The things that determine the price of a blood bag are blood components, platelets, frozen plasma, and red blood cell levels. The blood bank or organization will give you the best price you can get.

The quality of the blood obtained is also an important concern, especially in hospitals that are the most sought after by patients who need blood transfusions. In addition, sell blood Philippines is also a factor that determines the price of blood bags.

The procedure for taking blood from donors can be started with blood screening, blood processing, and blood transfusion. It is from this procedure that the price of blood bags can be determined, and you can find the best price for the patient’s needs.

Where to Buy Blood In Philippines

Then where can I buy blood at the best price? Many people still have trouble getting blood bags, even when they are in the hospital. But many other organizations and blood banks are ready to donate blood for you.

Here are the Philippine blood center that you can visit:

Blood Banks Philippines

The Philippine blood bank provides blood bags at affordable prices and the best quality blood. Here, you can also donate blood for patients in need.

Hospitals with Blood Banks

Several hospitals in the Philippines also provide blood banks for their patients. Several hospitals such as Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Capitol Medical Center, Manilamed, China General Hospital, Calamba Blood Bank Department, and so on.

Red Cross Blood Bank

The red cross service is also the best facility for those of you who are looking for blood bags for patients. Red cross blood price from ₱700. 

National Voluntary Blood Services Program (NVBSP)

These services can help you get the blood you need, some of which can even be obtained for free. Apart from that, you can also donate blood which will help many patients.

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