12 Best HMO in Philippines

Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) are an important part of the Philippine health care system.

Providing insurance plans, HMO helps people who are eligible to cover their medical expenses. Finding the best HMO Philippines allows you to get the best services from top healthcare providers.

An HMO may have specific requirements for the members to be eligible for healthcare cost coverage, such as living or working in a certain service area.

This system has helped self-employed, freelancers, or anyone with a limited budget to pay their medical bills.

What is HMO in Healthcare?

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A health maintenance organization, also known as HMO for short, is an entity that assists its members with health-related costs. HMO is not a healthcare provider but it helps connect patients with healthcare institutions.

An HMO gives access to healthcare providers in its network, including hospitals, clinics, dentists, and doctors. To get this access, members have to pay a fixed prepaid premium with different ranges, from monthly to quarterly, semi-annual, and annual.

HMO is also referred to as a health card in the Philippines. Whenever you go to a hospital, the staff will ask if you have a health card or not. A health card is not only designed for the employee but also unemployed or self-employed. 

What is the Function of HMO?

HMOs majorly focus on preventive healthcare and patient wellness. The main function of an HMO is to keep medical costs low and affordable for each member by covering physicians and facilities within its network.

The subscribers need to pay a monthly-based or annual-based premium to enjoy the service.

2 Types of HMO Plans

Most HMOs in the Philippines offer two types of healthcare plans, including:

  1. Comprehensive Plans

Known as a traditional product of HMO, it covers an extensive range of healthcare benefits. The annual premiums fall somewhere between Php 3,999 to Php 59,999.

  1. Prepaid Health Cards

Individuals with low to middle income in the Philippines can opt for prepaid health cards as the most affordable choice. This is an economical plan which aims people who can’t afford comprehensive plans. Members need to pay a one-time payment of Php 99 to Php 4,999 for one-year coverage.

Advantages of Getting HMO

Before getting the best HMO Philippines for yourself, it is critical to get to know the advantages.

  1. Affordable

With an HMO membership, you can get a lower premium compared to typical health insurance plans. For around Php 99, you can get basic healthcare coverage for a year.

  1. Customizable

If you enroll in an HMO as an individual member, you can choose a plan that meets your healthcare needs and budget.

  1. Extensive Network of Healthcare Providers

The best HMO Philippines will give you access to an extensive network of top healthcare providers. Conveniently enjoy more coverage of healthcare services than typical healthcare insurance.

Disadvantages of Getting HMO

Despite all the advantages brought to the table, getting an HMO has a few disadvantages.

  1. Doesn’t Support Healthcare Outside the Network

HMO members can enjoy benefits within the network of clinics and specialists. This means if you get a medical service outside the network, the HMO provider won’t be able to cover it and you will have to pay the expenses on your own.

  1. Limited Services

It is not uncommon that HMOs set several limits on physicians and healthcare facilities. Your favorite doctor or specialist may not be on the list.

Top HMO Providers in the Philippines

The following list contains the best HMO Philippines based on the membership fees.

  1. Asalus Corporation (Intellicare)

Formerly known as Asalus Corporation, Intellicare is an ideal HMO provider for SMEs and corporate accounts. Individual membership is not yet available. Dial (02) 789-4000 for further information.

  1. Asiancare Health Systems

Asiancare offers comprehensive coverage for SMEs, corps, families, and individuals. Members have two options when it comes to healthcare providers, including Abella Midway Hospital and Accumed Diagnostic Center. Call (02) 519-8751 to know more about this HMO.

  1. Avega Managed Care

Avega offers healthcare plans for corporate accounts. It doesn’t cover families and individual plans. For further information, dial (02) 902-3430

  1. CareHealth Plus Systems

CareHealth offers two plans, including ValuePlus and OptimumCare. ValuePlus highlights an affordable package while OptimumCare promises comprehensive coverage. Call the 24/7 hotline (02) 208-4611 for more info.

  1. Carewell Health Systems

With an inexpensive premium starting at Php 555 per month, Carewell offers many benefits such as unlimited consultations, emergency care, and preventive healthcare. Dial (02) 355-5771 to get to know more about Carewell.

  1. Caritas Health Shield

Caritas boasts extensive networks of doctors and facilities. No less than 15,300 doctors and dentists and 700 healthcare facilities are within its networks. Dial hotline number (02) 868-7000.

  1. Cocolife

Cocolife offers convenient service with a wide range of networks. Call 8810-7888 to get help.

  1. Dynamic Care Corporation (DCC)

DCC comes with different coverage so clients can choose one based on their preference. It is suitable for corporate, family, and individual accounts. 

  1. Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

Maxicare is a large HMO provider which handles dozens of companies for their health cards. Call their contact number (02) 7798-7770 for more information.

  1. MediCard Philippines

MediCard offers extensive networks of healthcare providers. It offers a competitive plan starting from Php 500 per year. Dial (02) 8841-8080 and get to know more about this HMO.

  1. Medicare Plus

This top HMO provider offers more than 800 hospitals and thousands of doctors. Its plan starts from Php 1,500 per month. Call 8815-3049 for further info.

  1. Value Care Health Systems, Inc. (ValuCare)

ValuCare provides its members with many medical benefits such as consultation, treatment, minor surgery, and more. Dial (02) 8702-3388 and ask your queries.

Now that you know the best HMO Philippines, you can find one that meets your personal preferences and budget.

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