Allergy Test Cost Philippines

The allergy test cost Philippines depends on the number of allergens being tested and the test type. The most affordable one is around ₱7,000.

Here more information about allergy test cost in philippines.

Types of Allergy Test

The allergy test cost Philippines may be too expensive for some Filipino citizens.

However, this cost is worth the advantages they’ll get from this test. Knowing one’s allergies can save him from life-threatening allergic reactions. 

Allergy testing or allergy test is for identifying which substances cause allergic reactions in a patient. This test comes in several types.

1.Skin Prick Test

It is a type of allergy skin test in which a medical professional will use a thin needle to prick the patient’s skin and apply different allergens to see the body’s reaction to them. This test is for checking penicillin, food, and airborne irritant allergies.

2.Patch Test

This test is for patients who experience contact dermatitis. In this test, a medical professional will put allergens on the patient skin and cover the tested skin using a bandage.

The patient must go back to his medical provider 48 to 96 hours later for evaluation.

3.Intradermal Skin Test

During this test, a medical professional will inject allergens into the epidermis.

The purpose of this test is to identify insect stings, airborne irritants, and medications that cause the patient’s allergic reactions. 

4.Blood (IgE) Test

This allergen test requires a medical professional to collect the patient’s blood sample and react it to allergens in the lab. This allergy test cost Philippines is slightly different from the skin prick allergy test cost.

5.Challenge Test

This test is to identify food or drug allergies. During this test, a medical professional will ask his patient to swallow a small amount of particular food or drug. 

How To Prepare for Allergy Test

Before you prepare the budget to pay the allergy test cost Philippines, you must first look for medical providers that offer allergy test near me.

After deciding on the provider, you must have a consultation with your medical provider and tell him about your allergy history, eating habits, and lifestyle.

A medical professional generally will ask his patients not to take antihistamines and other allergy medications at least 3 days before the test. However, he will allow them to keep taking their asthma medication. 

How Allergy Test is Performed

Allergy tests are mostly done in the medical provider’s office.

During an allergy test, your medical provider will conduct a skin testing procedure, such as pricking the skin, injecting allergens, and applying allergens on the skin.

He may also take a blood sample or ask you to eat particular foods.

After applying allergens on the skin or injecting them, he will check for allergic reactions in your body, for example, raised rash, breathlessness, runny nose, feeling sick, diarrhea, and swollen lips and eyes.

He will analyze these reactions and identify the allergens that cause them.

Allergy Test Cost Philippines

How much is the allergy test price Philippines? This price depends on the allergy test types and the number of allergens being tested.

The more allergens used in this test, the more expensive the allergy test price is.

Moreover, the allergy test cost Philippines also depends on the age of the patients and the medical providers. Below is the latest allergy test cost Philippines.

Allergy TestPrice
Seafood allergy panel (prick test)Starts from ₱7,800
Vegetarian allergy panel (prick test)Starts from ₱10,500
Meat and dairy product allergy panel (prick test)Starts from ₱12,300
Comprehensive food allergy panel (prick test)Starts from ₱28.000
IgE testStarts from ₱8,000
Faber Allergy Test (blood test)Starts from ₱25,000

Side Effects & Risks with Allergy Test

The most common side effects of an allergy test are mild itching, swelling, and redness of the skin.

In rare cases, patients experience severe allergic reactions, such as fast heart rate, breathlessness, low blood pressure, and swelling of the throat.

These severe reactions usually occur when patients have the challenge test. However, medical professionals who supervise this test will immediately give medication to the patients. 

FAQs Allergy Tests

What Happens if I Have an Allergy?

You will experience skin allergy symptoms, such as itching and swelling of the skin, raised rash, runny nose, feeling sick, and swollen throat

How Do I Know if I Need an Allergy Test?

You need to have an allergy test if you suffer from allergic symptoms.

Are At-home Allergy Tests Effective?

No, it is not.

When Should I Get My Allergy Test Results?

You should get the allergy skin test result immediately or a few days after the test. It depends on the test type you have.

What To Expect from Allergy Tests

When you have a skin allergy test, you must expect to suffer from minor allergic reactions.

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