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The Dilemma of Philippine Campaign Politics: Alternative Strategies in the 2004 National Elections

The Dilemma of Philippine Campaign Politics: Alternative Strategies in the 2004 National Elections

This book is a look into another form of politics gradually emerging in the Philippines, often called “alternative.” It chronicles how a new generation of politicians under the Liberal Party are eschewing the personality-dominated atmosphere of current Philippine politics in favor of a new compact with voters, one based on good governance and empowerment.

If you are interested in this book, please contact the Ateneo School of Government

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Objectives and Methods

3 The Basics: Politics and Political Culture

  • Politics Defined
  • Political Culture Explained
  • An Overview of Philippine Political Culture

4 The Context: Unearthing the Philippine Dilemma

  • Traditional Campaign Methods
  • What is the "Alternative"?

5 Campaigning in 2005 Elections

  • Alternative Political Campaigns:
  • Nereus Acosta, Representative, Bukidnon
    • Campaign Strategy
    • Campaign Materials
    • Campaign Issues
    • The Need for Engagement
    • Towards Alternative Politics
  • Alternative Political Campaigns:
  • Dina Abad, Representative, Batanes
    • Campaign Strategies
    • Campaign Materials
    • Campaign Slogans
    • Campaign Themes
    • Campaign Machinery of the Liberal Party
    • Towards Alternative Politics

6 Analyzing the Cases

  • Representative Acosta's Attempt at the Alternative
  • Representative Abad's Alternative Act
  • Reasons for their Approach
  • The Art of Being Alternative
  • Establishing or Utilizing Institutions
  • Educating the Constituents

7 Conclusion

  • Acronyms

8 References

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