Episode 46: On the Matter of the Next Chief Justice: A Political Analysis

Episode #045
(14:02 min 12.8MB)

The second part of our program on the appointment of the next chief justice has Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist, Manuel Quezon III, discuss the political aspects behind this issue. He first talks about the legal ping pong that happened between President Garcia and President Macapagal over Garcia’s last minute appointments. He also explains the immediate ramifications that resulted because of this.

He then frames the debate over the appointment of Justice Puno’s successor against the backdrop of President Arroyo’s last State of the Nation Address. She had indicated that she would exercise her powers until the very last minute of her term. Quezon analyses the effect her appointment of the next chief justice could have on public perception and the consequences on the reputation of the Supreme Court.

The music is provided by Dieter Bachmann and Dan-O.

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