Episode 33: Liberal Example of Leadership: Grace Padaca
2008 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Government Service

Episode #034
(8:18 min 12.7MB)

Isabela Governor Grace Padaca talks about how her Ramon Magsaysay Award reaffirms her efforts to empower people to use their democratic right to elect leaders of their own choosing. Four years after bringing down the “Dy-nasty” in Isabela, she believes that this recognition symbolizes that change is possible. Gov. Padaca discuses her continued work for change through the Kaya Natin movement. They make the rounds of schools and meet with different polling groups and civil society organizations. Kaya Natin encourages people to make the necessary preparations for better elections now instead of waiting for the last minute.

Harvey Keh, director for youth leadership and social entrepreneurship of the Ateneo School of Government, introduces Gov. Padaca. He speaks of her courage and her passion to serve. He calls her a bastion of hope. She is an icon of leadership that proves that one need not compromise one’s values in order to serve effectively in government.

The music is provided by Dieter Bachmann.

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