Episode 29: Freedom, Rule of Law and Democratic Institutions

Episode #029
(12:10 min 11.7MB)

Senator Manuel “MAR” Roxas II talks about how freedom, the rule of law and democracy are essential to nation building. Without them, a society’s development will be stunted and poverty will deepen. However as necessary as these are, it is not enough. A change of mindset is also needed.

For example, it is not only the Philippine elite who oppose an objective, rules-based system. The poor are hesitant as well. They have no confidence that this will treat them better if not equal to their present situation. As such, they prefer the safety net of the padrino (godfather) system.

Empowerment is thus the response to the poor's inclination for the status quo. People need to invest in the democratic process to make it work. For that, education is needed.

The music is provided by Dieter Bachmann.

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