Tubal Ligation Cost Philippines

Tubal Ligation Cost Philippines – One of the things that is quite important and crucial to do lately is the awareness to deal with overcrowding which is currently also an issue throughout the world, including the Philippines.

The effects of overpopulation are numerous and many experts have discussed this.

Not only that, the health of mothers who give birth is also the most concern, where the ability and endurance of a mother who has given birth to many children will decrease a lot.

You can easily find tubal ligation in the Philippines at the nearest hospital or clinic and on various scales.

You may be one of the people who is very interested in doing family planning in this way, please find out the tubal ligation reversal cost in the Philippines range and also where this service is available at a relatively affordable price.

You also need to update price information every day because you don’t want to experience losses or lack of budget preparation.

Tubal is a method that is carried out by a family planning method by doing something to the fallopian tubes in the female organs which are closed or can also be cut as a step to prevent a successful pregnancy.

Couples can make choices and decide to use this procedure when they can only find contraceptives that are not working effectively.

You may get a cheaper offer tubal ligation cost in Philippines if you visit the hospital.

Don’t hesitate to always ask for price updates offered by the hospital to do this family planning. If in a private hospital, maybe the offer includes action for confinement for at least 1 day.

Tubal Ligation Types

Tubal ligation, also known as female sterilization, is a permanent form of birth control. There are several types of tubal ligation, including:


This involves a small incision near the navel and is done under general anesthesia.

It is performed through a cut in the abdomen and the fallopian tubes are cut, burned or blocked.


This procedure is performed through a small incision near the navel, usually under general anesthesia.

A thin scope with a camera attached is inserted through the incision, allowing the doctor to see the fallopian tubes and block them.

3.Hysteroscopic sterilization

This procedure is performed through the vagina and cervix, with no incisions.

A small device is placed into the fallopian tubes to block them.


This is a non-surgical procedure that involves inserting a small device into each fallopian tube through the cervix.

Over time, scar tissue forms around the device, blocking the tubes.


This is a non-surgical procedure that involves inserting small silicone beads into the fallopian tubes, which cause scar tissue to form, blocking the tubes.

6.Bilateral tubal ligation

Is recognized as an option and it will require both Fallopian tubes.

Please do an in-depth consultation with your OBG doctor first.

Many women will not ask for or need a period of confinement after having a tubal in.

You may leave the hospital only moments after the operation is complete.

However, you will continue to undergo general procedures, where it will be necessary to carry out further consultations with the doctor after receiving the procedure.

Then you can find out how much is ligate in the Philippines.

Tubal Ligation Reversal Cost in Philippines

There are many hospitals and clinics that offer you offer to do this procedure, which is a lot of options for family planning. How much does tubal ligation reversal cost in Philippines?

Place Price
Private HospitalPHP 50,000 – PHP 70,000
Public HospitalPHP 10,000 – PHP 20,000

Hospital List With Tubal Ligation Services

Knowing the latest cost of tubal ligation in the Philippines rate information, you can directly ask the hospital where you are doing this tuba. Here are some recommended places to get tuba services :

St. Luke’s Medical CenterQuezon City
De Los Santos Medical CenterQuezon City
UERMMMCI (University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc.)Quezon City
The Medical CityPasig City
Asian Hospital and Medical CenterMuntinlupa City
Makati Medical CenterMakati City
Cardinal Santos Medical CenterSan Juan City
Philippine General HospitalManila
Davao Doctors HospitalDavao City
Cebu Doctors University HospitalCebu City
  • Asian Hospital
  • Capitol Medical Center
  • De Los Santos Medical Center

Ways to Reduce Price of Tubal Ligation 

It is known that health insurance cards do not cover all costs for carrying out all types of existing contraceptive procedures.

For those of you who own an HMO account, you can ask your account directly and find out more about the scope and how much does tubal ligation cost in Philippines. 

Philhealth Coverage Discount

Philhealth also offers protection during tubal ligation.

This is part of carrying out a happy family planning so you may expect to receive a support from several institutions to be able to do this procedure at a more affordable ligate price philippines. 

The need to do a survey is so that you can get a service price that is right for your abilities, don’t make it even more difficult for yourself, and find out what coverage is covered by health insurance services

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