Thyroid Surgery Cost Philippines

How much does thyroid surgery cost Philippines? You know, the cost start from ₱23,200-₱44,500.

The cost can go high or low depens type of thyroidectomy you’re use.

Here are some details about thyroidectomy costs at some hospitals in the country.

Types Of Thyroidectomy

Thyroidectomy is a surgery that is going to remove a part or all of the thyroid gland.

You may need to know about thyroid surgery cost Philippines for different types of thyroidectomies.

Below are some different types of thyroidectomies you should know.

1.Total thyroidectomy

This is a surgery that is going to remove all the thyroid glands.

Those who survived this surgery need a life-long supplementation of thyroid hormone because there will be no thyroid tissue left after total thyroidectomy.

2.Partial thyroidectomy

The next step of thyroid surgery cancer is the partial one that is going to remove of a part of the thyroid. There are four different types of partial thyroidectomy.

The first one is thyroid lobectomy which will remove a lobe of the thyroid gland. And then there is thyroid lobectomy with isthmus-ectomy.

Two other types of partial thyroidectomy are partial thyroid lobectomy and subtotal thyroidectomy.

Each type of partial thyroidectomy has different ranges of thyroid surgery cost Philippines.

3.Completion thyroidectomy

This is a surgery that is going to remove the thyroid tissue left by the previous type of thyroidectomy.

Another term for this surgery is re-operative thyroid surgery.

How Is A Thyroidectomy Performed?

The surgery may take between one and six hours, depending on the thyroid surgery type you take.

Patients will get anesthesia before the surgery starts. However, some surgeries may only use regional or local anesthesia.

There are thyroid surgery recovery 5 things you should know. But first, you may need to know what happens during the procedure.

You will lie down comfortably while exposing the front neck. After getting anesthesia, the surgeon is going to remove the thyroid gland depending on the surgery type.

The surgeon may also remove the lymph node if necessary.

After the surgery that has different ranges of thyroid surgery cost Philippines, the surgeon will close the incision site by applying sutures.

How To Prepare For A Thyroidectomy?

Before visiting the clinic for surgery, you may have to evaluate the thyroid through a test that includes ultrasound and or FNA.

You must be healthy enough to take the surgery. Those who are going to take surgery must not drink or eat anything since the day before.

Once you know the thyroid surgery price Philippines and are ready for the surgery, you should come two hours before the surgery.

You need to take the routine medications only with a sip of water from the day before the surgery.

What Happens After A Thyroidectomy?

Depending on the surgery type you take in a different thyroid surgery cost in Philippines, you may have to stay in the hospital or go home on the same day.

However, you should avoid any physical exertion for between one and two weeks after taking the surgery.

Your doctor may ask you to continue your regular thyroid diet after taking the surgery.

You may feel some hoarseness or neck discomfort a few days after the surgery.

Doctors may prescribe medications that include antibiotics, pain medications, and calcium supplements after the surgery.

Thyroid Surgery Philippines Cost

Before taking the surgery, each patient needs to check out the latest thyroid surgery cost Philippines.

The goal is to get ready for the surgery.

Each type of surgery may require different prices and different hospitals may have different price ranges for this surgery.

Hospital NamesRate
Bicol Medical Center₱31,000
Medicus Medical CenterBetween ₱23,200 and ₱44,500
De Los Santos Medical Center₱38,000

If a hospital offers various ranges of thyroid surgery price, the hospital offers different recovery room types.

The type of facilities will affect the price you should pay before the surgery.

Side Effects Of Thyroidectomy

There are some risks of this surgery you should know before taking thyroidectomy.

Hematoma formation or bleeding is the most common one. Some other side effects include a change in voice or hoarseness.

Scarring, wound infection, difficulty in swallowing, and Horner syndrome are other side effects.

You may also experience chyle leak, tracheal injury, esophageal injury, and damage to parathyroid glands that cause hypocalcemia after taking the thyroidectomy.

However, each patient may experience different side effects. You need to talk to your doctor if the side effect is getting worse.

When you are checking out the latest thyroid surgery cost Philippines, check the medication cost for post-surgery.

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