Price of Fistula Surgery in Philippines

Price of fistula surgery in Philippines start from ₱ 12,000 – 56,000But price of fistula surgery in Philippines varies depending on the location and procedure type so anal fistula surgery cost differently from other fistula surgery types.

Therefore the price can high or low.

This some information about fistula surgery cost in Philippines.

Why Do You Need Fistula Surgery?

Price of fistula surgery in Philippines is another primary thing to consider with the reason why you need to get this medical procedure.

People with fistula develop an abnormal connection between two organs or vessels that normally do not connect in the body. 

Fistula may form from inflammation or infection as the effect of injury or surgery.

It can happen in various body parts. Fistula can cause discomfort and severe complications in the long run.

It may lead to bacterial infection which causes a certain medical condition called sepsis. 

People who experience fistula symptoms need to visit their doctors for further checkups and surgery arrangements before it develops into a severe condition. 

How Many Types of Fistula Surgery Are There?

A doctor can perform fistula surgery to treat different conditions and of course, it affects how much the price of fistula surgery in Philippines you need to pay.

Below are several common types of fistula surgery you should know :

1.Urinary tract fistula

An abnormal connection forms between the bladder and uterus or vagina and urethra. 

2.Arteriovenous fistula

An odd connection appears amid an artery and a vein. This surgery involves preparing an artery and veins for dialysis. Hence, you will find the specific cost of fistula surgery for dialysis in Philippines. 

3.Vesicovaginal fistula

An odd connection forms between the bladder and vagina. 

4.Rectovaginal fistula

An odd connection occurs between the rectum and vagina.

5.Anal Fistula

An odd connection appears between the anal canal and the skin around them which can be the rectum, anal opening, and colon.

It is the most common fistula case and requires anal fistula surgery to treat the condition. 

Fistula Surgery Success Rate

Suffering from a fistula and leaving it without surgery can cause a significant impact on someone’s life quality. In most cases, fistula patients undergo successful fistula surgery and this procedure has very high success rates.

For instance, a fistulotomy receives a long-term success rate of around 92% to 97%

How Much Does Fistula Surgery Cost in Philippines?

Price of fistula surgery in Philippines varies based on several factors like fistula type, procedure type, and insurance coverage owned by the patient. 

The hospital where you take the surgery also affects how much you will pay for it because each hospital usually has its rate for each medical procedure including fistula surgery.

However, you can expect that the price difference from one hospital to another is not significant for similar surgical procedures.

Since the fistula surgery types are various depending on its forming location, you can estimate the average cost of this procedure when planning to take fistula surgery in the Philippines. 

Type of SurgeryPrice range
Fistula surgery₱ 12,000 – 56,000

Hospital List with Fistula Surgery

Aside from the price of fistula surgery in Philippines, choosing a hospital with a reputable fistula surgery service is a crucial consideration before taking the procedure.

Ensure you find as much information as possible about potential hospitals in the Philippines you would like to choose.

Then, compare the fistula surgery prices and reviews to know its quality and whether the treatment suits your condition.

Below are the best hospitals offering fistula services in the Philippines you can consider. 

NoHospital Location
1Makati Medical CenterMetro Manila
2The Medical CityPasig City
3Asian Hospital and Medical CenterMuntinlupa
4St. Luke’s Medical CenterQuezon City
5Philippines Medical CenterDavao City

Options for Affordable Fistula Surgery

Fistula surgery’s price is considerably high. It can be a burden, especially for patients who receive a sudden diagnosis and need to take surgery quickly to prevent it develops even worse.

However, you still have options to pay for a more affordable cost when taking a fistula surgery by taking the benefit of Philhealth membership.

PhilHealth allows its members to get the most comprehensive calculation of surgical procedures. It provides a Relative Value Unit (RVU) refers to a specific number addressing a compensable service by the doctor.

It includes the doctor’s time, procedure difficulty, and stress resulting from the patient’s potential risk.

There is a formula to know the surgeon fee. It includes multiplying a specific RVU with 40, a Peso conversion factor.

For instance, the RVU of fistulotomy is 50. You need to multiply it by 40 to get ₱ 2,000 as the price of fistula surgery in Philippines.

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