Gallstone Operation Cost Philippines

Gallstone operation cost Philippines start from ₱ 12,000 – ₱ 80,000. The cost varies due to the surgery type and hospital conducting it so you should consider them for the best gallstone surgery cost Philippines.

When Do You Need Gallstone Operation?

Gallstone operation cost Philippines varies based on the location of the gallstone and the hospital where you have this treatment.

A gallstone is a tiny stone that forms in the gallbladder that can cause irritation in the organ and block the bile flow.

There are several gallstone symptoms you need to be aware of. 

For instance, you feel strong pain in your belly or experience indigestion followed by gas, heartburn, or bloating.

You notice yellowing either on the white part of the eyes or the skin. The common symptoms that are usually unnoticed are nausea and vomiting. 

If you experience those symptoms, you should start considering gallstone removal surgery cost Philippines.

It is because the doctor likely recommends this surgery if the pain and symptoms become severe.

Recurrent gallstone attacks or complications can also be the main reason to get this surgery. 

Types and Price List Gallstone Operation

If you are wondering about gallstone operation cost Philippines, you can look at the following comparison table showing two common gallstone surgery prices with their price. 

No TypesDescriptionPrice
1Open (traditional) methodIt involves making one incision about 5 inches long in the upper right side of the stomach. The doctor will discover the gallbladder and take it out via incision.Starts from ₱ 12,000 
2Laparoscopic methodIt involves 3 or 4 tiny incisions to enter a long, thin tube, namely a laparoscope. This tube features a small camera so the doctor can monitor the surgery inside through the monitor and will remove the gallbladder from one incision. ₱ 80,000 to 120,000

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Additional Expenses of Gallstone Operation

When people wonder magkano ang operasyon sa bato sa apdo, they need to consider the additional expenses during the operation too. 

The doctor may ask the patient to do some blood tests and imaging procedures at the beginning of the process to help him diagnose the health condition and how severe the gallstone is.

You may pay those additional costs before the actual gallstone surgery.

You can ask your doctor about the required tests included in the procedure to estimate the final cost and can prepare the budget for a gallstone operation cost Philippines.

Options for Affordable Cost of Gallstone Operation

Since the price of gallstone surgery Philippines is not always affordable for all people, patients can find alternatives that enable them to pay a more affordable cost for this procedure.

Below are several cost coverage options to reduce the gallstone operation cost. 

PhilHealth Coverage for Gallstone Operation

You can benefit from the PhilHealth membership to get a lower gallstone surgery cost Philippines.

PhilHealth covers several types of procedures for gallbladder removal or gallstone operation. They provide codes to show the procedure type and the amount of coverage.

For instance, gallstone operation with common duct exploration is available in three different codes with total cost coverage of up to ₱ 46,500.


HMO health card holders also can benefit from affordable gallstone operation cost Philippines.

Patients with HMO health card usually gets cost coverage for laboratory expenses and consultation.

You can ask your doctor which parts of the cholecystectomy procedure also belong to the HMO coverage. 

Senior Citizen

Senior citizens can use the IDs to get discounts for gallbladder surgery cost Philippines.

They deserve more affordable medical expenses for many types of surgeries and medical procedures.

It will be best to ask the hospital or provider regarding the certain discounts they likely get when taking this operation. 

Hospital List with Gallstone Operation

Not all hospitals in the Philippines can perform gallstone removal surgery due to the availability of the equipment.

You should do some research to know whether you can discover a nearby hospital in your urban location that provides gallstone surgery service.

If you cannot find any potential hospital near your residence providing gallstone operation, you can consider some of the following lists of major hospitals in the Philippines. 

1Asian Hospital and Medical Center Muntinlupa City
2St. Luke’s Medical CenterQuezon City
3Capitol Medical CenterQuezon City
4World Citi Medical CenterQuezon City
5Manila Doctors HospitalMetro Manila
6Cebu Doctors HospitalCebu City

Remember to ask about the latest gallstone operation cost Philippines in each hospital including the facilities.

Therefore, you can compare them and make the best decision for treating your gallstone

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