Cost of Hernia Surgery in The Philippines

Cost of hernia surgery in the philippines – If you need a hospital that covers hernia surgery in the Philippines, and any surgical clinics or private hospital that offers discounter, or Philhealth hernia surgery, then you can see here, for the list of Hernia surgery costs in the Philippines and compare each hospital budget, and how would you like to be discounted on the Hernia surgery, and much other healthcare as well. 

This article will help you to plan on your budget, to make sure that you can still be able to afford Hernia surgery, while still getting the best prices, and places to perform that surgery.

Why Do You Need Hernia Surgery? 

Hernia surgery is the procedure that is designated to repair a hernia, pushing back the body part to wherever it should be in the first place. In many cases, it is the intestines that have been pushed back in the procedure, sometimes it is the abdomen, sometimes it is the ligament, and so on.

Many hernia procedures would also involve some other body parts such as the hiatal hernia procedure.

Sometimes, it is important to perform a hernia procedure, because if the body part isn’t in the place where it should be, it couldn’t perform well, and as the result, it will cost you more than care and medicine compared with the first Hernia operation cost in the first place. 

Types of Hernia Surgery

Before we begin on the hernia surgery cost in the Philippines you should understand the different types of Hernia surgery, as each different type would have different prices, and different procedures, and would also need to consult different doctors or surgeons specializing in hernia procedures.

So, a few types of Hernia repair surgery are as follow:

1.Open surgery

Open Surgery of Hernia image

It is called traditional hernia repair, as the surgeon would make a large incision in the place, then gently will push the tissue or any organs back into their place. 

2.Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Hernia image

Laparoscopic hernia surgery is one of the hernia practices that would use a device called a Laparoscope.

It used two and four small instruments to make incisions, and be used to push on the tissue that needs repair. 

How Much Is Hernia Surgery In The Philippines

As for the Hernia surgery cost in the Philippines, the cost might vary depending on the doctors, clinic, and the type of Hernia surgery it will be practiced.

Depending on the severity, as well as the complicity of the procedure, it could vary mostly from around 20,000 Php to around more than 100,000 Php.

Here is a rough estimate of the cost of common types of hernia surgery in the Philippines:

Types of Hernia SurgeryPrice
Umbilical Hernia SurgeryPHP 50,000 to PHP 100,000
Open Hernia SurgeryPHP 50,000 to PHP 100,000
Inguinal Hernia SurgeryPHP 60,000 to PHP 150,000
Femoral Hernia SurgeryPHP 70,000 to PHP 150,000
Laparoscopic Hernia SurgeryPHP 80,000 to PHP 150,000

Some private hospitals in the Philippines may prove to be more expensive than the state runs, depending on the surgery. 

Hospital List Of Hernia Surgery 

Here are a few lists of the hospital that offers hernia operation cost in Philippines and their accommodation, and operating room such as with: 

  • Asian Hospital, Medical center
  • Cebu hospital
  • Capitol city medical center
  • Manila med
  • Makati medical center
  • St. Luke’s medical center
  • UST Hospital
  • VRP Hospital 

Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Hernia Surgery 

There are a few ways to reduce the cost of hernia surgery such as using personal healthcare insurance, being on the list of a senior citizen’s card that could receive more than a 20% of discount, and using the Philhealth payment, and healthcare.

Health Cards Coverage

Some of the health care coverage would also cover Hernia operation, but to be precise, you should contact your personal healthcare providers. 

Senior Citizen 

Senior citizens would receive an additional 20% discount on it, and it would be proved to be more beneficial for everyone, and provided by man charitable donations. 

Philhealth Coverage For Hernia Operation

Philhealth coverage would also cover the cost of hernia surgery in the Philippines depending on the severity of cases, and the hospital that receives its patients. 

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