Breast Augmentation Price and Types Philippines

Breast augmentation price philippines – Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that aims to enlarge your breasts, starting by changing the shape, size, and fullness of your breasts.

Almost every woman wants to look ideal, so breast augmentation can be the right choice.

To perform a breast implant procedure, the surgeon will make sure you are in good condition and begin the surgical procedure by placing silicone or breast implants, which will be placed under the breast tissue or breast muscle.

The Philippines is one of the countries with the best breast surgeons and the best outcomes.

Are you considering breast augmentation? Let’s find out what types of breast implants there are and how much breast implant surgery costs in Philippines to prepare.

Types of Breast Augmentation

Before deciding on breast implants, first know what types of breast implants are available:

1. Round Implants

Round Implants Breast Augmentation image

This type of implant will make your breasts appear fuller and more ideal in shape.

The shape of this round implant will not make you worry that the position will shift.

2. Silicone Implants

Silicone Implants Breast Augmentation image

This type of silicone breast implant will feel lighter because it is similar to natural breast tissue.

The surgical procedure fills the breasts with silicone gel that doesn’t leak easily.

However, you should regularly visit a plastic surgeon to ensure that the implant remains safe and doesn’t leak.

3. Structured Saline Implants

Structured Saline Implant image

If you want breast implants that seem natural, then you can use sterile salt water, which contains structures.

4. Saline Implants

Saline Implants Breast Augmentation image

Slightly different from structured saline, saline breast implants fill your breasts with sterile salt water.

If there is a leak in the implant, then your body will naturally absorb the salt water that comes from the breast implant.

5. Textured Implants

Textured Implant Breast Augmentation image

This type of breast implant will not make your breast move or change position. This type of textured implant offers the advantage of an invisible scar.

6. Smooth Implants

Smooth Implants Breast Augmentation image

This type of breast implant provides smooth and natural results. Surgical procedures do not leave scars, which are only visible when touched.

7. Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy Bear Implants image

This breast augmentation uses silicon gel, which is firmer so that it makes the breasts taper upward.

The surgery will make a long incision in the skin to place the silicone gel. 

How Much Breast Augmentation in Philippines?

Then, how much breast augmentation surgery cost Philippines that you have to spend? In the Philippines, breast implant surgery costs vary from ₱ 200.000 to ₱ 400.000.

Type ImplantPrice
Silicone Breast ImplantsPHP 250,000 to PHP 400,000
Saline Breast ImplantsPHP 200,000 to PHP 350,000
Fat TransferPHP 200,000 to PHP 300,000
Gummy Bear ImplantsPHP 200,000 to PHP 300,000

This also depends on the clinic you choose and the type of implant you want.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Breast Augmentation

There are several factors influencing breast implants price Philippines. Some of them include the type of implant you want, risk factors, plastic surgeon qualifications, clinical facilities, the quality of the implant, and a faster recovery time.

The fewer the effects of surgery and the faster the recovery, the more expensive it will be.

Choose a qualified plastic surgeon so you can feel the best breast implants and know they won’t leak.

Hospitals and Clinics with Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation requires the best plastic surgeons and maximum results.

There are many hospitals and clinics in the Philippines that offer breast augmentation surgery.

The Aivee clinic breast augmentation price is also one of the best in Manila. Some of the well-known institutions include:

  • The Medical City
  • St. Luke’s Medical Center
  • Makati Medical Center
  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center
  • Manila Doctors Hospital
  • VRJ Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Center
  • Belo Medical Group
  • The Aesthetic Clinic
  • Calma Clinic
  • Nuangola Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

The cost will vary depending on the surgery, the quality of the implant, and other factors.

Make sure you choose a licensed cosmetic surgery clinic with qualified plastic surgeons who will provide the best breast implant results by minimizing scarring and recovering faster.

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