Pacemaker Cost Philippines

Pacemaker cost Philippines start from ₱ 101,000 – 210,000 is quite expensive although it comes in various price ranges so getting a cost coverage can help you to pay lower for pacemaker price Philippines.

Before choosing the hospital and determining pacemaker cost Philippines, you need to know the types of pacemakers.

Hence, you can understand which is the most suitable for our health condition.

Below are several common pacemaker types. 

Types of Pacemaker

1.Single chamber

This type often contains electrical impulses toward the right ventricle of the heart. 

2.Dual chamber

This type aims to help control contraction timing in two chambers by bringing electrical impulses to the right ventricle and atrium of the heart. 

3.Triple chamber

This type likely requires a higher cost of pacemaker implantation in Philippines because it comprises one lead for the right atrium, another to stimulate the left ventricle, and one in the right ventricle.

Doctors usually recommend this type for patients with weakened heart muscle which causes heart failure. 


Biventricular is a specific pacemaker type for patients with heartbeat problems or heart failure. It aims to stimulate the lower right and left ventricles for a better heartbeat. 

How Much Pacemaker Cost Philippines?

Pacemaker cost Philippines depends on several factors like the pacemaker type and the hospital you attend.

Most likely, the more chamber you have on the pacemaker, the more expensive it is.

Another factor affecting the pacemaker cost is how long you stay in the hospital after the procedure.

You can consider the price range below if you plan to get a pacemaker implantation in the Philippines. You even can find a higher price in several hospitals.

If you do not find the pacemaker type required, asking about its availability and prices in the hospital you like to attend is necessary. 

Procedure Price range 
Single chamber pacemaker₱ 101,225 – 148,530
Dual chamber pacemaker₱ 155,500 – 210,155

Pacemaker Packages Price

Each hospital has a different pacemaker cost Philippines. Hospitals may offer the price based on the device rate or package offer.

The package price usually covers the multiple sessions of pacemaker implantation from the consultation, procedure, medicines, or in case any complications occur.

However, take note that most package prices offered by hospitals are inappropriate if you receive mandated promo from the government or discounts from the ongoing hospital simultaneously. 

Options for Affordable Cost of Pacemaker

Is there any chance to get affordable pacemaker price Philippines? Of course, you do. There might be a certain cost coverage to take a pacemaker implant based on the policy.

Ask for information from the health care provider or other health insurance provider whether you are eligible for this coverage. 

  • Health Card

Those who are HMO members usually can benefit from their HMO cards to get cost coverage for pacemaker implants.

You can find a hospital that belongs to HMO coverage or an employer with prior availment to get more affordable pacemaker procedures. 

  • Discount

Senior citizens and people with disabilities also are eligible for a lower price of pacemaker implant by showing their respective ID cards.

It enables them to get a reduction of hospital expenses they need to pay.

Patients with these categories likely get discounts up to 20 percent to cover the pacemaker device, surgery implant procedure, professional fees, and medicines. 

  • PhilHealth Coverage

PhilHealth offers more benefits to cover surgery related to a heart.

Taking a pacemaker implant belongs to the heart procedure so you can benefit from a certain amount of cost coverage.

You can inquire about the PhilHealth coverage by presenting evidence of your membership to the hospital you like to get the procedure.

Getting PhilHealth coverage, of course, will give you peace of mind because pacemaker cost Philippines is considerably expensive and can be a burden for those who need this procedure quickly.

Why Do You Need Pacemaker?

Pacemaker cost Philippines is an essential consideration before you take this procedure.

Pacemaker denotes a tiny electronic device to control the heartbeat so it remains in the normal rhythm. It helps patients restore the physical energy that is lost due to cardiac diseases. 

Doctors often recommend patients use a pacemaker when they have a slow heartbeat or are medically known as bradycardia.

This condition usually happens after a heart attack, undergoing surgery, or after consuming a specific medication.

Patients with a temporarily paused heartbeat also can benefit from this device. 

That is why doctors expect patients’ heartbeats to recover so they can work normally.

Some signs that patients require a pacemaker implant are inexplicable fatigue, inability to exercise, frequent fainting, and dizziness. 

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