Mastectomy Cost Philippines

The most affordable mastectomy cost Philippines is about ₱50,000. The cost of mastectomy will be higher if the surgery is conducted in private hospitals.

Here some information about mastectomy cost, types, recovery tips and more.

Types of Mastectomy

A mastectomy meaning is a surgery to treat breast cancer by removing the breast tissue.

The mastectomy cost Philippines in public hospitals is more affordable than that in private hospitals.

Therefore, those who suffer from breast cancer don’t need to worry much about this cost. 

Mastectomy surgery cost doesn’t only depend on the hospital, but also depends on other factors. One of them is the mastectomy surgery type.

These mastectomy types are as follows.

1.Simple Mastectomy

Simple (total) mastectomy is a surgery that removes the breast tissue (including nipple, areola, and skin) of the patient and only leaves the pectoral muscle beneath the breast.

Doctors generally perform this surgery if cancer cells have not spread outside the breast tissue.

2.Modified Radical Mastectomy

During this surgery, doctors will remove the breast of the patient, skin, nipples, most under-arm lymph nodes, and the lining of the chest muscle.

It is suitable for patients whose breast cancer has spread to some of their lymph nodes.

3.Radical Mastectomy

Having a radical mastectomy can be traumatic for patients because it removes the breast, the chest muscle, skin, nipple, and lymph nodes.

Therefore, patients will feel like having a hollow area on their chest. 

The radical mastectomy cost Philippines is more expensive than that of modified radical mastectomy. However, it is rare for medical providers to suggest this surgery to their patients.

4.Skin-sparing Mastectomy

Skin-sparing mastectomy removes the breast tissue, areola, and nipple, but leaves a part of the skin for breast reconstruction.

It is best for patients whose cancer is far from the skin’s surface.

The combination of this mastectomy cost Philippines and breast reconstruction cost can be costly. Therefore, patients must prepare enough budget for these two surgical procedures.

5.Nipple-sparing Mastectomy

Doctors may recommend nipple-sparing mastectomy if the patient’s cancer cells do not affect the nipple.

During this surgery, doctors will remove the breast tissue and skin, but left the areola and nipple for breast reconstruction purposes.

6.Double Mastectomy

A bilateral or double mastectomy is a total mastectomy that removes tissue, skin, and nipples on both breasts.

Patients need to have this procedure if they have cancer cells on both breasts or have a high risk of suffering breast cancer in both breasts.

The cost of double mastectomy is twice the cost of a total mastectomy. To find out the double mastectomy cost in Philippines, patients can ask their nearest medical providers.

7.Prophylactic Mastectomy

The prophylactic mastectomy is a surgery to lower breast cancer risks by removing the breast(s) of the patient.

Who Might Get a Mastectomy?

Doctors generally will recommend a mastectomy to patients with:

  • A breast full of pre-cancerous cells;
  • Cancer cells affecting a large area of the breast;
  • Breast cancer cells spread throughout and outside the breast;
  • High risks of breast cancer.

Before and After Mastectomy 

Before having a mastectomy, patients and their doctors will discuss the mastectomy type, breast reconstruction options, possible complications, and how the surgery affects their lives.

Moreover, doctors will also discuss mastectomy NCP with the patients.

Meanwhile, after the mastectomy procedure, patients will stay in the hospital for a day or two.

During this stay, hospital staff will monitor patients’ blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. After recovering in the hospital for two days, they can get out of the hospital and recover at home.

What Happens During the Mastectomy Procedure?

The mastectomy procedure requires a patient to receive a general anesthetic.

After putting the patient under the general anesthetic, surgeons will make a diagonal or horizontal cut to remove the breast tissue, lymph nodes, and muscle.

They may also remove the skin, nipple, and areola.

After that, surgeons will put drainage tubes into the patient’s armpit and breast. Next, they will stitch the cut and wrap the patient’s chest with a bandage.

Mastectomy Cost Philippines

How much does mastectomy cost?

The mastectomy cost Philippines is relatively high.

However, it is understandable because removing a breast and ensuring the patient’s body free from breast cancer cells are not easy tasks.

Below is the latest cost of mastectomy in the Philippines.

Surgical ProcedureMastectomy Cost Philippines
Partial mastectomy in public hospitalsStarts from ₱25,500
Mastectomy in public hospitalsStarts from ₱50,500
Mastectomy in private hospitalsStarts from ₱102,500

Risks of Mastectomy 

Patients who have just undergone a mastectomy may suffer from the complications below.

  • Infection on the incision
  • Hematoma
  • Flap necrosis
  • Post-mastectomy pain syndrome
  • Swelling of the arm

Tips for Mastectomy Recovery

Patients can follow the tips below to recover faster after mastectomy.

  • Keep the bandage dry.
  • Take the medication as prescribed.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Do mild exercise.

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