Hemorrhoids Surgery Cost Philippines

Hemorrhoids surgery cost philippines start from ₱5,400 – ₱12,120 . But the price can go high or low depans several factors, either type and hospital you’re choose.

Do you need to get rid of the hemorrhoid safely? Then you will need these details about hemorrhoids surgery cost Philippines.

When Hemorrhoids Need Surgery

Before checking the latest hemorrhoids surgery cost Philippines, you may want to know when should you get surgery for your hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that may happen outside or inside the anus. Mostly, hemorrhoids don’t cause any problems.

However, if your hemorrhoids cause pain, bleed a lot, are painful, hard, and become swollen, then you may need to get surgery to remove them.

Check the latest hemorrhoids surgery cost in the Philippines before making a surgery appointment at any hospital.

Types Hemorrhoids Surgery

Generally, there are five different types of hemorrhoids you may have to know before getting surgery. They are thrombosed, prolapsed, mixed, external, and internal hemorrhoids.

1.Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Thrombosed hemorrhoid is the first type. The tissue of the hemorrhoid contains thrombosis or a blood clot.

You may see swelling or lumps around the anus.

The symptoms of this hemorrhoid are intense itchiness and pain, bluish color around the infected area, and also redness and swelling.

2.Prolapsed Hemorrhoid

When you are looking for details about hemorrhoids surgery cost Philippines, your doctor will let you know about prolapsed hemorrhoid.

This type of hemorrhoid has some symptoms like protrusion, burning, itchiness, discomfort, or pain.

3.Mixed Hemorrhoid

You may want to know about the external hemorrhoids surgery cost in Philippines if you suffer from mixed hemorrhoids.

This type of hemorrhoid is a combination of external and internal hemorrhoids.

4.External Hemorrhoid

This type of hemorrhoid happens in the anus. However, it isn’t always visible though sometimes you may see lumps on the surface of the anal.

5.Internal Hemorrhoid

This is a type of hemorrhoid found in the rectum. Some symptoms of this hemorrhoid includes swelling near the anus or noticeable lumps, burning, itching, and discomfort or pain.

How Much Is Hemorrhoids Surgery In The Philippines

There are different ranges of hemorrhoids surgery cost Philippines.

Each hospital may offer a different price range. But here is the average cost of hemorrhoid surgery in the country.

Hemorrhoid Surgery TypeHemorrhoids Surgery Cost In Philippines
Professional fee for the doctor₱6,720
Hospital costs₱5,400
Average Total Cost₱12,120

Additional Fee Hemorrhoids Surgery

There may be an additional cost you need to pay.

This means the surgery cost may reach between ₱50,000 and ₱80,000.

However, many factors will influence the cost. You must talk to the doctor about saving on the expenses of medication, operating room, and the surgery itself.

The additional expenses for other services usually are not limited to accommodation, medication, and facilities, and also professional fees.

If you need to save more, consider choosing hospitals that provide surgery packages for hemorrhoids. This is going to help you save much more.

Hospital List With Hemorrhoids Surgery

Some hospitals in the Philippines are providing surgeries hemorrhoid surgery for patients in need. These hospitals are the best ones in providing hemorrhoid surgery.

  1. Beverly Hills Medical Group

This group has the Hemorrhoid Surgery Center located in Manilla. Contact them to get the updated hemorrhoids surgery cost Philippines.

This medical facility has surgeon specialists and doctors who provide individualized and professional surgery services for your hemorrhoid.

  1. Calamba Medical Center

You may want to reach this medical center if you live in Calamba City. The facilities in this medical center include a blood bank, ambulance service, emergency room, and so on.

  1. Perpetual Help Medical Center

Though you may figure out that the main focus of this medical center is maternity and delivery services, the medical center also offers many other services like healthcare and diagnostic center for women, hemorrhoid surgery with reasonable hemorrhoids removal surgery cost Philippines, and others.

  1. St. Luke’s Medical Center

St. Luke is also a hospital with healthcare professionals who are going to help you get rid of your hemorrhoid.

Simply visit the official website of this medical center and then search for hemorrhoid in the Procedures and Treatments to find the surgery type you need.

Philhealth Coverage For Hemorrhoids Surgery

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or Philhealth offers healthcare coverage for various health issues.

It covers complete external hemorrhoidectomy and simple internal and external hemorrhoidectomy with fistulectomy or fissurectomy.

It also covers extensive or complex internal and external hemorrhoidectomy with fistulectomy or fissurectomy.

Check out the details about the insurance coverage and hemorrhoids surgery cost Philippines and prepare yourself for the upcoming hemorrhoid surgery in the Philippines.

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